Joyce: Rudd On Risk

1 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 1 March 2010

On the weekend I was flattered by Mr Rudd making a statement about myself and risk.  I heard the statement whilst driving from a major protest in Armidale about the decision to bring in beef from countries with mad cow disease, which I think is very risky and so do most Australian consumers.

Whilst driving there was blanket coverage on the radio about Mr Rudd’s insulation program, a program responsible for the deaths of four young men, a program which has burnt down approximately one hundred houses and created deaths traps in about another 1000. According to James Tinsley from the National Electrical and Communications Association  it could cost tax payers almost half a billion dollars to fix.

Yesterday I heard Mr Rudd asked about fixing the health system and he said, “We didn’t anticipate how hard it was going to be to deliver things.” Now he wants us to give him more time to do a proper job on it. Let us not forget that Mr Rudd continues to pursue the Emissions Trading Scheme. This is where he reconfigures the whole of the nation’s economy based on a colourless, odourless gas while taxing every Australian household at the power points in their rooms. This is on the belief that Minister Wong can single handedly change the temperature of the globe from her room in Canberra.

Surely Mr Rudd can see the paradox of his statements on risk and national management. I’ll have to inform Mr Rudd, that as I drive around the country I am told constantly about the parody that his government is becoming. I think the best summation of the Labor Government was given by two people, a worker in a mine talking about discussions with his union colleagues and a service station operator. The first one said we just do not understand anything Mr Rudd says and we are very concerned about our jobs and his position on the ETS. The service station operator said people just start laughing when they see Mr Rudd now.

That, Mr Rudd is the fair dinkum reality. It is like the mechanic who, asked to service your car has done nothing to it except mount up a huge bill. After a couple of years bits and pieces of the vehicle are strewn around the shed and now Mr Rudd rushes out the front to talk to you with his little note book and says, I know I’ve stuffed up but I just want you to give me a couple more years to do a proper job on this.

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