Trust Rudd on Health?

3 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 3 March 2010:

Barnaby Joyce, whilst campaigning with Andrew Lamming, Member for Bowman, said that he was astounded to hear a headline speech on the reconfiguration of health policy by the Prime Minister. It is obviously one of the major issues that Mr Rudd wishes to take to an election. On Sunday he was apologising that he didn’t understand health and that it was more complicated than he expected.

On Sunday he wanted “whacking”.  On the same issue, today, Wednesday he wants backing and has left all of us scratching as to which Kevin Rudd to believe today.  No doubt it is this ad- hoc and erratic approach to policy that led to the mad hatter insulation policy and one would have to presume that the same management criterion that was taken to the ceiling insulation program will be taken to health.

One has to ask the question how he managed to get a huge turnaround in his grasp of the subject matter in three days.

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