More Labor Bad Accounting

20 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 20 March 2010:

The Labor Party has added another $2.1 billion to our debt in the last fortnight which cracks the $130 billion mark. This is slightly less than the Clem 7 tunnel in Brisbane and would build 10,000 kilometres of sealed roads in regional Australia. They know they will never be responsible for paying it back.

Every week we find out more and more of what they have purchased with our credit card. The Building Education Revolution (BER) appears to be a very choice piece of work. Yet another brilliant example of the Labor Party not dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s, as Mr Tanner pointed out with regard to his input into the Ceiling Insulation Program.

The Labor Party cannot control costs. It appears they have never had experience in running a business and have now decided to experiment with the Australian economy as an economic crash test dummy with silly and dangerous ideas.

The cost overruns, inside deals for unions, burning houses and electrocution fatalities are just the start of understanding how the Labor Party manages the economy.

Today, what inspired this media release is that I have just walked out of a K Mart, after a buying a cheap pair of working trousers, and a mother with two children and an older couple were lined up to tell me about money that has been squandered in their district. They were concerned what the effect of going public with their story would have on their local school teacher but the story has grabbed my attention.

$250 000 has just been spent on a school hall in a local village/town. They could identify $110 000 worth of costs but $140 000 was for them “mystery money”. The school raised a complaint with the contractor and has since been refunded in excess of $30 000.This seems to be the story nearly everywhere you go and now is more widely ventilated with what we are reading in the papers.

Mr Tanner, Mr Swan and Mr Rudd are responsible for this. Their whole management critique is farcical. The ceiling insulation program has literally turned into a national crisis; the BER is the Big Education Rip off; the hidden Henry Tax Review; the $43 billion NBN project that was begun without a cost benefit analysis. To top it all off, is the Labor Party’s continued insane desire to re-jig the whole Australian economy based on a colourless, odourless gas that will apparently lead to Australia, single handedly, cooling the planet. On and on it goes, this rolling Greek tragedy, which is Labor Party management.

As an accountant, I have seen this form of management that the Labor Party indulges in.  It reminds me of the new arrival in the family business who is flash as a rat with a gold tooth and is quickly swindling away years of hard work.

They have the whole household on hire purchase, with the new car, the new boat, the new pool, the new stereo, multiple overseas trips to many and varied destinations but they have no new income and the result is a massive debt. You get this sinking feeling that just like they blew in, they are going to blow up then blow out.

More information- Jenny Swan 0438 578402

Next week, the Rudd Government has scheduled to take us another$2.1bn into debt.

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