Australia’s ‘Goldilocks’ Economy

31 Mar

From The Intelligent Investor:

Australia is the western world’s ‘Goldilocks economy’. My own particular concern is that the market now assumes this status to be a permanent state of affairs. Most domestic commentators, alive to the opportunities that stem from our increasing reliance on China, are asleep to the potential risks.

The consequences of a significant Chinese downturn will be enormous for us; the Goldilocks economy may start to look like other western nations; indebted, economically promiscuous and unable to spend less than we earn. The resources, banking and property sectors look particularly exposed.

While not all of our analysts are as concerned as I am about the potential dangers of a Chinese downturn, we all agree it’s important for Australian investors to consider the possibility that the Chinese miracle may sour for at least a few years.

A few questions should be asked of your portfolio and financial circumstances; Does your brand of diversification mean that the 15 stocks in your portfolio are all in the mining business? Do you own some genuinely defensive investments? Do you have some spare cash reserves or term deposits? Have you paid down your margin loan? Now’s the time to consider these questions.

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