Yields On Aussie Bonds Rising

8 Apr

And so it begins.

Have we just heard the ‘canary in the coalmine’ of government debt pause its happy singing?  When the government finds it has to start offering higher yields in order to sell its longer-dated sovereign bonds, you know that the market is beginning to smell inflation… and/or, losing faith in the government’s ability to pay up on maturity.

From The Australian:

The federal government drew solid demand today for an auction of new July 2022 bonds, its longest nominal debt on issue, but had to pay an attractive premium to sell the bonds.

In the latest extension of its yield curve, the Australian Office of Financial Management sold $1.0 billion of 5.75 per cent July 2022 bonds with a weighted average yield of 5.9642 per cent.

“The Commonwealth had to pay up to get good demand,” Westpac strategist Damien McColough said, noting good interest from buyers on yields closer to the 6.0 per cent level.

Over the past two months, the yield on the more common 10-year Australian Government bonds has risen from 5.48% to 5.85%.

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