Barnaby’s Reminder Of The Obvious

13 May

From AAP:

Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce said he would leave it to Mr Abbott to outline the coalition’s response to the budget.

But he did take a swipe at the government’s debt position, which he said was in the range of $141 billion.

“I know this is obvious, but you have to tell the Australian people this, just because you get a surplus, doesn’t mean you’ve paid off your debt,” Senator Joyce told reporters.

Barnaby is right, of course.

You need to achieve budget surpluses – lots of them – in order to pay down your debt.

I wonder how many mainstream reporters actually know that this is obvious?  And I wonder how many reporters will heed Barnaby’s advice, that you have to tell the Australian people this?

Few if any, I’ll wager.  I would happily bet that a poll taken now would show that most Aussies have been thoroughly hoodwinked by the Rudd Labor and media ‘spin’ lies campaign… and think that a (claimed) return to surplus in 2012-13 means that the debt wil be all paid off.

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