Tanner Is GAWN!!

24 Jun

Is it Christmas?  Seriously … is it Christmas?!

Not only is Liar And Incompetent of The Millennia, former PM Kevin Rudd, now confined to the dustbin of ignominious history.

Breaking news has it that Lindsay Tanner will not contest the next election.  From Business Spectator:

Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner has announced he will not be contesting his seat at the next federal election.

Mr Tanner made the announcement to parliament this afternoon, saying his decision was unconnected to the Labor leadership change.

“I want to assure the house that this decision is … totally unconnected to the events of the past 24 hours,” Mr Tanner said.

“It involves no reflection on the government’s policies.”

It is Christmas!

One of the primary motivations for launching this blog, was your author’s outrage at the blatant lies and vicious, underhanded misrepresentations by soon-to-be former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, and his singular role in feeding the media with lie after lie after lie, all aimed at vilifying the then-new (now former) Shadow Finance Minister, Senator Barnaby Joyce.

Not only that.

As regular readers will know, your author has written many columns and analyses, using the official Government Budget documents, showing the countless lies and misrepresentations of truth by Tanner.  In fact, much of this blog has been devoted to exposing his lies and deceit.

While we joyously await his departure from Parliament, enjoy catching up on all these lies and misrepresentations made by Tanner in recent times.

Just click on any of the links to your right, under the main title “Pages“, and sub-heading “Resources & Articles“.

Ahhhhhhh … our work is done 🙂

Barnaby – thank you.

You’ve seen off the ETS.  And Kevin Rudd.  Now, your arch-enemy Lindsay Tanner is gawn too.

And you’re still here for us.  Well done champ!

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