Australians All Let Us Rejoyce

25 Apr

Seriously.  Who wouldn’t want a straight up, stand up, no-BS, battle-scarred country bloke with a heart full of pride in Australia and a mouth full of hilarious one-liners to be our next Deputy PM?

The times certainly are a-changin’ when even a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald’s latte-sipping inner city self-appointed moral elites is jumping for joyce at the prospect –

Sometimes people can’t handle the truth. Haters are going to hate. Not long after making these statements Joyce was cruelly divested of the shadow finance portfolio.

Since then he has railed in a most entertaining manner against the Building the Education Revolution (“glorified garden sheds”), the carbon tax (“a little home-cooked policy cake to cool the planet”) and the national broadband network, which he likes to call a “telephone company”.

This last quip causes the Broadband Minister, Stephen Conroy, to actually twitch with indignation. It’s marvellous.

Joycean press releases are a joy; gleaming gems among the usual dreary transcripts and self-serving announcements that land in the journalistic inbox…

Last week, for something different, he bowled up a press release in the form of a quiz.

“Q. Who am I? Two weeks ago there were 183.8 of me, this week there is 187.3 of me,” it read.

“A. Billions of dollars in gross debt.”

Who else but Barnaby could turn the deficit into a parlour game? Australian politics is the richer for him. He is a constant and vociferous critic of the government, an independent thinker and a fearless advocate for his state. Plus he has a flair for language, something Gillard can most certainly not boast.

For that reason alone, actually for only that reason: Barnaby for Deputy PM.

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