The Age Loses Its Grip – 86% Of Readers Oppose Tighter Gun Laws

29 Apr

Our self-appointed moral guardians are really losing their grip.  On public opinion.  And reality.  One can see their lily-white latte cups clattering to the floor en masse.

Mouthpiece of the Left, Melbourne’s The Age newspaper, ran an Op-ed propaganda piece yesterday by the former chair of the National Coalition For Gun Control, commemorating the Port Arthur massacre, and waxing woeful about the alleged “softening” of gun control:

The new laws were a victory for hundreds of public health and legal organisations, domestic violence agencies, youth groups, churches and trade unions which had campaigned for the reforms. The overwhelming majority of citizens, according to opinion polls, wanted much stronger gun laws…

Not any more.

According to the paper’s own opinion poll – run in conjunction with the fear-mongering, anti-gun propaganda piece – 86% of Age readers oppose tighter gun laws.

I’ll say it again … We Used To Care But Things Have Changed.

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