Shut Up!

3 May

Well said:

Tim Blair says Keep Talking:

Since Flannery and his team of climate commissioners began a series of public talks five weeks ago aimed at promoting global warming awareness and otherwise softening people up for a carbon tax, support for the tax (and the government pushing it) has plunged.

Even Flannery himself seems to have noticed. During the summer, he recorded a piece with the BBC. “I would just point to the polls in this country,” Flannery told his interviewer. “You know, 60 per cent of people consistently now, for a number of years, have wanted something done about climate change. That’s why the government is acting.”

Hmmm. If 60 per cent of Australians already want action, why is the government paying Flannery so much to tell them they need to take action? And why would Gillard and her treasurer Wayne Swan have made such desperate pre-election announcements last year about not taking action through a carbon tax?

Anyway, let’s accept Flannery’s figure. Sixty per cent is a nice big number. But just a few months later, Flannery told a Canadian reporter: “There is a solid 40 per cent of the populace who want action on this, come hell or high water.” Somewhere, Flannery – whose climate commission is set to spend $5.6 million over four years, so might not be all that efficient – has lost one-third of those who previously backed climate “action”, whatever that means…

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