Tanner: Barnaby’s Got A “Brilliant Niche Brand”

7 May

Lindsay Tanner reveals why he is so envious of Barnaby Joyce:

Barnaby Joyce has got a brilliant niche brand, so that he’s regarded as a bit of a Froot Loop by a majority, I suspect, while having a loyal following.

Ah, jealousy. ‘Tis a terribly ugly thing.


Chris Kenny gently destroys Tanner and his new book, in an insightful piece in today’s Australian.  Once again, the real reason behind Tanner’s jealousy of Barnaby is revealed:

In page after page Tanner wonders at the workings of the media, he strives to gain its attention, he despairs at what it highlights and what it misses… his book is replete with examples of his own craving for attention over political substance.

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