Oakeshott Too Gutless To Face Anti-Carbon Tax Rally In Own Electorate

13 May

Group-hugging beard Rob Oakeshott is all talk (emphasis added):

Lyne MP Rob Oakeshott – who will not attend a No Carbon Tax rally in Port Macquarie this weekend – said it was inappropriate for the leader and deputy leader of The Nationals to speak at the demonstration.

Mr Oakeshott said he would continue to support action on climate change, a position he held when he was re-elected last year.

“The Nationals are now asking me to do the very thing it is criticising the government for, and that is to adopt a different position to that which I took to the election and was subsequently elected upon,” he said.

“I see no reason why I should be part of [the Coalition’s] Heckle and Jibe roadshow, and will not be misleading my community by doing so.”

Ahhhh … Rob Oakeshott took a carbon tax to the election?!?

Even though his Queen Julia went to the same election categorically denying that she would ever introduce one “under the government I lead”?!?

I wonder what the residents of Lyne think about his latest claim.

One Response to “Oakeshott Too Gutless To Face Anti-Carbon Tax Rally In Own Electorate”

  1. Edmund Johnson May 15, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    Woe betide Oakshot, Windsor & ilk will be like the bogus PM we have , to be left in the dust of history and quickly forgotten, thanks to their feeble efforts to run [ruin] our wonderful Country, one infamous blunder after another. I hope the next generation of voters have more nous than vote green , thinking they are giving labour a bloody nose.
    WAKE up voters . Who would have guessed the Pinko, Tree Hugger, Weirdo, Human haters[GREEN], & so called Independent’s, would ever run the Country by deceit!!!!!!

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