Turning Back The Tide

18 May

Paul Kelly finally calls BS on the green “cargo cult”:

Let’s tell the truth about the past half decade. The green agenda has corrupted Labor values. It has seen Labor governments embrace fiscal irresponsibility, regressive income re-distribution and treat their supporters as too dumb to understand they were being played for mugs. For too long the idea that any green scheme was a good scheme was sanctified as a compliant media cheered such initiatives.

Repentance will take many forms and have multiple consequences. The electoral backlash from defective pro-green policies and the arrogance towards ordinary voters embedded in such schemes will haunt Labor, state and federal, for many years. Perhaps some tolerance for mistakes should be extended. The bigger point, however, is that Labor’s culture abandoned fiscal discipline and social equity for what became the climate change cargo cult.


Well said.

Took you long enough Paul.

Next time, do the public a real favour.

Grow a pair, and call BS before it’s obvious to Blind Freddy that the tide is going out.

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