Barnaby Challenges ABC’s Fran Kelly: Interview Dissenting Scientists

25 May

From ABC Radio National (via the Australian Conservative):

“I don’t condone this argument that the debate is over,” Senator Joyce said.

“In fact, reading through the report in a cursory way, I notice that [in] a whole range of areas they themselves have made adjustments on previous statements they’ve made. One being ice in Greenland where they’ve said they were out by a factor of two. Now this just goes to show that everything is a continuation of the big quest for knowledge.”

Senator Joyce challenged ABC Radio National Breakfast presenter Fran Kelly to interview leading dissenting scientists.

“I’m sure that if you give the opportunity for other people who are also scientists and eminently qualified to come on your show and give it a contrarian view, you will get them in droves.”

On Labor’s planned carbon tax, Senator Joyce said:

“I don’t believe that we developed the wheel because we taxed walking, or we developed the motor car because we taxed horses, and I don’t believe we’re going to become a more efficient economy because we tax the bejesus out of every man, woman and child walking down the street, so that everything you do, every power point in your house becomes a collection revenue mechanism for the Australian Taxation Office. I don’t think that’s going to cool the planet. I just think it’s going to make people very miserable, angry.”

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  1. Peter Deane May 26, 2011 at 3:25 am #

    If you can’t even get Fran Kelly’s name correct in the heading, what sort of impression does this leave us as to the veracity of the rest of the diatribe?

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