Barnaby: “Labor And Mr Windsor Take Us All As Mugs”

26 May

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 26 May 2011:

Albo takes Independents for a ride

Mr John Fullerton, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Rail Track Corporation, has unfortunately delivered the clear position of the Labor Government with their perennial announcement and sugar cube to Mr Windsor on the Inland Rail.

Mr Albanese stated in his media release of 10 May 2011 that the Inland Rail was “finally out of the station.” Mr Windsor was part of the game as an able Labor Lieutenant stating in his media release of the same date that the “Inland Rail builds up head of steam”.

Contradicting this rhetoric, Mr Fullerton stated to me in Estimates today that the inland rail was not their priority.

Senator Joyce: I notice you’ve got $300 million put aside [for the Inland Rail], but that’s not actually building anything is it? That’s just design work. When are we actually going to start building something there?

Mr Fullerton: On the inland route?

Senator Joyce: Yes

Mr Fullerton: Well we conducted a study last year that determined that that wasn’t yet economic. Our priority at the moment is to build a coastal route …

It is not only that they are taking Australia for a ride on this crucial piece of infrastructure between Melbourne and Brisbane, and ultimately Gladstone, but it shows how Labor and Mr Windsor take us all as mugs.

Just like the announcement for the NBN in Armidale where they pushed the button with an explosion of light and wonder when in fact there were only seven (7) customers, and even some of them had been connected for weeks. It was fake Julia with fake friends at the very expensive deceptive ceremony to push the nonsensical fake button.

Whether it is railway lines or telephone lines or lines of credit or their lines at the doors in the morning just remember they think you’re a mug and they are taking you for a ride.

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  1. Edmund Johnson May 26, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Thank you Barnaby for exposing yet another travesty,of justice ,for the middle of Australia,How many more designs are needed before work starts,the spin Doctors are hard at work as usual,

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