Gillard’s Carbon Bank For Carbon Banksters

26 May

From the Australian:

The Gillard government is examining the creation of a multi-billion-dollar carbon bank to drive renewable energy technologies as the Greens demand “complementary measures” to cut emissions in return for accepting a lower starting price for the carbon tax.

If you needed a little more evidence that “carbon pricing” was all about banksters like Goldman Sachs making profits, then the Labor/Green “live” consideration of economist and “investor” Ross Garnaut’s proposal (backed by leading green lobby groups) for a “carbon bank” is it.

For more, see Our ‘Squeeze Pop’ Carbon Bank.

For the connection between rising cost-of-living due to carbon (dioxide) derivatives trading, and the banksters’ latest profit-making invention, ‘Death Derivatives’, see Doing God’s Work – Turnbull An Angel Of Death Derivatives.

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