#JAFA Insanity – Queenslanders Turn Off Power, So Bills Go Up

1 Jun

A little foretaste of our eco-nutbag future:

Consumers hit with 6.6% power bill increase because we didn’t use enough over summer

Queensland households will be penalised with higher power prices for keeping their air-conditioners off over summer.

The state’s electricity price regulator, the Queensland Competition Authority, has announced a 6.6 per cent increase in power prices from July 1.

The increase will add $120 to the average bill of households already under pressure from an array of cost increases.

Almost 80 per cent of the increase was blamed on growing network costs, the price passed on to consumers for building and maintaining the power system to cope with increasing demand. However, lower than expected power consumption over the disaster-affected summer meant distributors did not recoup their investment costs.

Those costs have now been attached to electricity prices for 2011-12, meaning households will pay extra for not using enough power this financial year.

So, let’s try and follow the insane (il)logic of the green-preaching, millionaire hypocrite #JAFA‘s like Garnaut and Flannery.

If we’re all good little eco-pawns and use less power, our power bills will go up because we used less power!

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