Unelected, Unaccountable JAFA Garnaut Calls For Unelected, Unaccountable, Unholy Trinity Of Carbon Gods

1 Jun

The Labor/Green/Independent government’s hand-picked, unelected, unaccountable, Solomon Islands strip-clearing, water polluting, gold mining, $5 Million taxpayer-salaried, Grand Poobah #JAFA, Mr Ross Garnaut, has decreed called for a trinity of unelected, unaccountable, unnamed “independent” persons to oversee the totalitarians wet dream Eco-dictatorship.

From the Herald Sun:

Do not give the unelected a power to tax you

One idea in Ross Garnaut’s report to the Gillard Government yesterday must be fought by every democrat.

No, this country must not let its future be decided by an unelected committee.

It’s already bad enough that we’ll get a foolish tax the Government promised before the election not to impose.

But sneaking around the people’s will seems the mission of today’s warmist.

Garnaut, the Government’s global warming guru, yesterday recommended an “independent” committee decide how much we cut our emissions – which, in turn, influences the level of any carbon dioxide tax.

This essentially means unelected people will decide how much to jack up your bills for power and petrol, and everything made with them.

Yes, their call can be overruled by the Government, but the aim is to make a political decision “non-political”.

The Government seems keen on Garnaut’s plan because of the very reason it should never be adopted.

Labor and the Greens are squabbling right now over how much to cut our emissions in their negotiations over next year’s carbon dioxide tax.

Labor wants our emissions cut by much less than the Greens demand, because it fears what voters might do to it once they realise what this useless sacrifice will cost.

But if an “independent” committee made that decision, the Government could claim its own hands were clean. Blame the committee, instead.

This is frankly sold as an anti-democratic move that warmists need.

As one media report approvingly noted: “Garnaut has concluded the only safe way to manage a carbon price going forward is to keep politicians as far away from the process as possible.”

You can punish politicians. Bureaucrats, you can’t. So Garnaut’s plan will leave the policies to people beyond your influence.

That may please Garnaut, but the rest of us should fight.

Already we will get a tax we didn’t vote for. Now we are told the tax will be overseen by people we’ll never vote for.

Protest. Do not surrender your power.

Andrew Bolt is right.

But he misses a crucial point. Because he does not Follow The Money.


One of the three gods in Garnaut’s unholy trinity of “independent” regulatory entities, is an “independent” Carbon Bank.

We have looked at this evil idea before (see “Our ‘Squeeze Pop’ Carbon Bank”).

It is nothing more than a ruse to allow banksters – the same people who gave us the GFC – to get their hands on billions of taxpayer’s money right from the start. Even before the move from an initial fixed price “tax”, to a legislated-to-rise “market” priced Emissions Trading Scheme in “3 to 5 years”.

And it is this particular unholy god that will bankrupt the country.


One of the “powers” that the eco-fascists like Garnaut and the peak “clean energy” lobby group want an “independent” carbon bank to be granted, is the power to BORROW against future CO2 tax revenues, and “invest” those borrowings:

An independent carbon bank, similar to the Reserve Bank, should be set up to oversee a carbon price and investment in clean technology, the peak renewable energy lobby says.

The Clean Energy Council will today release a discussion paper proposing the carbon bank, which it says could be allowed to borrow money to invest in renewable energy projects against the future revenue of Labor’s proposed carbon tax and emissions trading scheme.

Note that well.

Borrowing … and “investing” … against the future government tax revenue.

In other words, the government … meaning taxpayers … would be the guarantor for any losses on those “investments”.

In a bankster-designed, multi-trillion dollar, global air-trading derivatives market.

We have all seen just how well things work out for the little people, when governments pass laws that effectively give unelected, unaccountable banksters free reign over markets (and thus, our economy).

It’s time to stand up and be counted.

To take our country back, before the eco-fascist banksters bankrupt us all. Once and for all.

Make your voice heard.

Call your MP’s and Senators today.

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