Basin Communities Locked Out

10 Jul

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 8 July 2011:

Basin communities locked out

The lock up on Sunday for the carbon tax is not the only lock up.

In the colour and movement of the current Labor party carbon tax fiasco, the stakeholders of the Basin have found out that there will be another lock up for them except they are going to be on the outside.

No public forums this time. Just accept what you get apparently. Everyone in the Basin deserves their say on the plan and it won’t be acceptable if the forthcoming draft is not going to be subject to an open meeting to those communities it effects.

Apparently to go to these meetings you’ll have to be an industry leader, no doubt an industry leader as determined by the Australian Labor Party.

If you are just a regular old mortgagee to the bank for which the Government’s action in the Murray-Darling Basin has determined your future well I suppose you’ll have to wait outside underneath a tree and hope and pray you still have a job or business at the end.

More Information – Matthew Canavan 0458 709 433

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