Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In

10 Jul

Back in the 60’s, a drug-addled chap called Timothy Leary popularised a phrase that came to symbolise the counter-culture of that time.

“Turn on, tune in, drop out”.

I think it’s time to revive this phrase for a new counter-culture … and reverse it.

In the same way that the “scientists” of Leary’s time fear-mongered through the 70’s about a coming Global Freezing. And then, when it didn’t happen, reversed their mantra and went for “Global Warming” instead.

Today when, like most Australians, you will be sorely tempted to turn on the TV, and watch our Dear Leader Juliar spruik more lies about her “carbon pricing” scheme, I say –

“Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In”.

Drop in where?

Drop in here


Remember that place?

It is beautiful. It is peaceful. It is magical.

And perhaps best of all, I can assure you from personal experience that it is a place where you are highly unlikely to find any of the barking mad, “save the planet” via economic planking, concrete jungle-dwelling hypocrites either.

What’s more, I will tell you the two biggest reasons why you should do this today.

1. Watching Juliar tell more lies, can not do you any good. You will either be conned (not good), or angered (not good). So, better to Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In … to a place where you can be certain that you will really enjoy this moment. Why spoil a beautiful day?

2. Dear Leader Juliar is not going to mention the only 2 details that you need to know. Instead, she will drone on with mesmerising, soothing words lies about “compensation” bribes for households … and “protection” bribes for “trade-exposed” hand-picked rent-seeker industries … and “green jobs” … and our glorious green prosperous future, blah blah blah. But the only 2 details that you need to know about this scheme – the 2 key details that will confirm the Green-Labor-Independent Alliance’s bankster-enriching scheme is exactly the same farcical scam as the European systemthose 2 key details won’t even get a mention. They will be buried in the written documentation.  Which you will have to find online, if you want to know the truth.  So … why bother watching it?

Today, dear reader … take a chill pill.

Turn your back on our Dear Leader, and go bush for the day.

Even just to the park.

Or the beach.

Anywhere, but near an idiot box.

Or computer. Or “smart”phone.

Take a picnic blanket. Some eats. A selection of your favourite beverage/s. A good book, even.

(Oh … and some warm clothes for the afternoon, too. Because, you can trust me on this … outside, where it’s green, and Greens rarely venture … it’s cold!)

Do no-thing today.

Absolutely no-thing.

Which is the same thing we should be doing in response to global “warming”.

Stretch your wings, and quietly, calmly soar high above all the inane bullsh!t today.

I guarantee that if you do, then tonight, as you r…e…l…a…x back at home (with the TV and PC off), you will agree with me.

That this was a very wise decision.

Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In –

If you really want confirmation of the only 2 details that matter … look it up on the climatechange.gov.au website.


Or … some other time.

That’s what I’ll be doing.

Have a wonderful, peace-ful Sunday everyone.

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