Barnaby on SHY – “The Princess Of University Lefty Students”

12 Jul

Media release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 12 July 2011 (my emphasis added):

The inconvenient truth

Labor’s coalition partner, the Australian Greens, and their leadership aspirant Senator Sarah Hanson-Young have prescribed a dire outcome for regional Australia under the Green-Labor-Independent government.

Senator Hanson-Young, and Greens South Australian MP Mark Parnell, said yesterday that “small towns that are based entirely on fossil fuels probably won’t exist.”

So the Princess of university lefty students has decided that we don’t need small regional towns. I know that comment is a little bit cutting but I also know what she said was totally insulting.

This is the crowd that is currently running the country. These are the things they are saying. Yet they tell us a carbon tax won’t hurt. We can judge them now not only by their actions but also by their words.

Every day that Julia relies on the Greens support, and she does, she endorses the Greens’ statements.

What do we say to people in a small town with a mortgage Sarah Hanson-Young? What do they do, pick up their house and move? Where exactly are these green towns? I have a vision of Nimbin but that is about as far as I get.

Sarah what you really mean by green jobs, is the transfer of people from boilermakers and fitter and turners into national park guides, carbon bureaucrats and Australian Taxation Officials.

The effect of all this, we know from Treasury modelling, is that real wages will fall. A promise the Labor party always seem to be able to deliver on.

In Sarah Hanson-Young’s mythical economy we become a nation of bio-ethical kitchen renovators. We make money apparently because people like us. We put love and good thoughts on the boats that used to export our coal.

I can say that because the Greens really do want to close down the coal industry. It is no good Labor saying that it doesn’t want to shut down the coal industry when your coalition partner says they do.

If you don’t want to do that why did you sign the registry book, witnessed by the Australian people, remember, the shot where Bob had the corsage in his lapel.

If you missed it previously, then you simply must read one of the most popular, most retweeted blogs ever in this site’s history – “Barnaby Bamboozles Chief Of Climate Change Modelling Unit … Again”

Strangely enough, Meghan Quinn – the chief of the (Treasury department’s) Climate Change Modelling Unit – has a remarkably similar, eagerly naive, fresh-faced blind faith look about her as our dear Sarah Hanson-Young (SHY). As you will see, when you click on that link above.

Hold on to your sides, and keep liquids clear of the keyboard first.

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