Windsor’s Carbon Tax Support Costs His Local Council Extra $300,000

13 Jul

Media release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 13 July 2011 (emphasis added):

Windsor’s actions responsible for increasing the costs of his local council

Senator Barnaby Joyce, Shadow Minister for Local Government, said today that Tony Windsor’s support of the Green-Labor-Independent government and his support of the carbon tax has led to a $300,000 increase in the electricity costs of his local council, which no doubt will have to be retrieved via increased rates.

The Tamworth’s Regional Council annual electricity bill is $3 million a year. With the carbon tax set to increase electricity prices by another 10%, the carbon tax will increase Tamworth’s electricity costs alone by $300,000.

Last night the Tamworth Regional Council unanimously supported a decision to investigate the full impact on the Council’s costs caused by the carbon tax. No doubt road construction costs will go up, bridge construction costs will go up and the transport fuel costs, from 2014, are going to go up.

The Council has also called on the Federal government to compensate the people of Tamworth for the costs of a carbon tax that they didn’t ask for and haven’t voted for.

Of course if Mr Windsor didn’t support a carbon tax then we wouldn’t have a carbon tax and the rates wouldn’t be going up because of the carbon tax.

So no doubt the people of Tamworth will be thrilled to bits about the actions of their local federal member when they get their next rates notice. Similarly so will the people of Inverell, Gunnedah, Glen Innes, and Walcha.

All this cost for absolutely zero outcome in its affect on the climate. All these costs so we can assist banks to make more commissions on the future trading of permits. No doubt the people of Tamworth will be thrilled to know that some of their rates will be sent overseas to buy carbon permits.

I read today that Mr Windsor is heading off to Spain to study renewable projects there.


I hope he gets the time to investigate the Spanish ‘night time’ solar power fraud, where in 2009-10 diesel generators were producing ‘solar’ power at night and claiming the associated subsidised tariff price.


Solar panel at night now that really is global warming.

This is the kind of show that we are getting ourselves into when we start sending $3.5 billion of taxpayers’ money offshore to buy carbon credits.

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