Green Left Weekly: “More Proof Of The Fakery Of Gillard’s Scheme”

16 Jul

Thank you, Green Left Weekly.


For confirming that I was right.

That the Green-Labor-Independent government’s carbon “X” scheme … IS … A … SCAM.

From Green Left Weekly yesterday (emphasis added):

There’s been so much political spin around the Gillard government’s carbon tax announcement. Of course, there’s the predictable hysterical hollering from the Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce and the climate change denier’s camp, but there is also tons of bullshit from the Gillard Labor government.

However, a couple of developments have provided a much-needed reality check.

On July 12, ABC News said: “Coal mining giant Peabody Energy has teamed with steelmaker ArcelorMittal to launch a $4.7 billion bid for Australian miner Macarthur Coal.”

This was the biggest-ever bid for a coal mining company in Australia and the bid was well above market expectations.

Peabody’s bid made nonsense of the opposition’s shrill warning’s that Gillard’s carbon tax, which will morph into a carbon pollution trading scheme by 2015, spelled the end of Australia’s massive and growing coal industry.

Gillard’s spin merchants were quick to crow about the Peabody bid. But all it really proved was that Gillard’s carbon tax is not a genuine or serious atttempt to address the climate change emergency.

The coal mining boom will continue. The government’s modelling for its “carbon tax” impact says coal production will rise by 109% to 150% by 2050. It expects gas-fired energy to rise by more than 200% by 2050.

There will be no serious investment — public or private — into the needed radical transition to a 100% renewable energy-based economy.

And if more proof of the fakery of Gillard Labor’s scheme, there was this other telling news report.

Peter Martin wrote in the July 14 Sydney Morning Herald: “If Australia’s economists had the vote, Julia Gillard’s carbon tax would win a landslide.

“A survey of 145 delegates attending the Australian Conference of Economists in Canberra finds 59 per cent think the tax is ‘good economic policy’.”

These economists were overwhelmingly economic rationaliststrue believers in the corporate profits-first orthodoxy that has dominated that profession since the 1970s.

What they see as “good economic policy” is good for big business profits and not for our common good or good for the environment.

Unfortunately, some very influential voices in the Australian environment movement have jumped on the Gillard Labor carbon tax bandwagon and regurgitated (or at least endorsed through lack of criticism) the deceitful spin Gillard’s salespeople have been generating.


As has been documented at great length on this blog for months.

Let it be clearly understood.

The Government’s scheme has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment.  Or with “mitigating” so-called “man-made global warming”.

The facts are crystal clear.

From the government’s own website detailing the scheme scam.

From the banking sector’s gleeful announcements of their “new market” and “new products”, within days of the policy detail being released.

And now, even from the hard-core “believers” in MMGW.

The Green-Labor-Independent government’s scheme is nothing more than a global-scale, profit-making, wealth-redistributing, bankster-empowering scam.

Designed by … economists (yes, the very same #JAFA’s who could not even predict the GFC).

Loudly supported bythe economists’ of banks (and other stand-to-benefit Big Business).

For the sole benefit of banks (and other stand-to-benefit Big Business).

If you have any remaining doubts that I am right, then please … take the time to read my several detailed analyses of the Government’s “carbon pricing” scheme scam.

That prove – by simply noting the details buried in the “fine print” of the Government’s own documents – that the entire “mechanism” is designed purely for the benefit of the global financial industry.

The banksters –

Our Bankers’ Casino Royale – “Carbon Permits” Really Means “A Licence To Print”

Government Lies Again – Latest NGER Report Lists Only 299 “Polluters” In Total

I Was Right – Our Banks Begin Preparing Carbon Derivatives Market

Please  … go out now, and start belting your card-carrying green cargo cult member friends, relatives, colleagues, and associates about the side of the head with this news.

From one of their own.

And while you’re at it, ask them to stop and think for a change.

Ask them to stop and think about why Bob Brown and Christine Milne’s Greens Party are really so happy about their great scheme scam.

Which even Green Left Weekly has now denounced as “fakery”.

3 Responses to “Green Left Weekly: “More Proof Of The Fakery Of Gillard’s Scheme””

  1. JMD July 16, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    Ahh… the old Green Left Weekly. I’m surprised they are still in ‘business’.

    They may yet be good for something except talking shit outside University Libraries.

  2. Great work BIR.. July 17, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

    Trouble is, Greens supporters won’t understand these issues, because they don’t think for themselves. They rely on slogans and soundbytes fed to them, where someone frames the issues and tells them what their opinion should be. They think political analysis is seeing Tony Abbott on the 7PM project in his Speedos.

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