TWU – Carbon Tax A “Death Tax” For Truckies

23 Jul

From AAP via Yahoo!7:

The Transport Workers Union (TWU), appearing at the [Senate] inquiry on behalf of truck drivers, also claimed the carbon tax could “wipe out” profits of owner-operators, fleet operators and some trucking companies.

TWU national president Tony Sheldon labelled the carbon tax a “death tax”, saying truck drivers would be unable to pass on the $150 to $200 a week impact of the tax.

“The issue of whether it is a carbon tax, or any other cost impost on the industry that can’t be passed on is that people are sent to their deaths,” Mr Sheldon said.

“In the trucking industry there has been a history of incapacity … of being able to pass costs on, and what happens is that truck drivers and trucks get sweated, and when they get sweated, that’s what increases the death rates.

“A big hit like $150-$200 a week is a death tax.”

As of the time of writing this post (Friday evening), I have completed researching the identities, locations, and industry sectors of 742 of the 775 corporations listed in the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) department’s Register of “polluters”.

So far, I count 76 companies in the trucking business, Australia-wide.

That’s a lot of “death taxed” truckies, Mr Sheldon.

Best you boys start fighting back.


How timely. The truckers indeed are rising up in convoy.

Actually … lots of convoys:

Coalition of Industries supporting a vote of
in the Federal Government and sponsored by the National Road Freighters Association. Come one, come all, join the Convoy from your location, show your disapproval for the current Federal Government. The Convoy will start on the 17th of August and will arrive at Parliament House Canberra on the 22nd of August. Convoys will be on all major highways leading to Canberra, come in your truck, car, camper, caravan, bus or horse & cart, anything that moves, just join in!
Together we can force an Election!

Click here for the Convoy of No Confidence flyer in pdf format.

And click here for full details of all the routes to Canberra that our beloved truckers – the folk who bring us our food, apart from anything else! – will be convoying along.

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