A God-given Opportunity To Plunder

5 Aug

Forgive my laziness dear reader.

Your humble blogger did not have time to research and blog anything earth-shattering for your amusement today.

So instead, I give you the following extract from another, far more estimable author’s work, that is on a theme very topical to this blog.

Because it supports exactly the position I have put forward. Naturally, that means it’s brilliant! 😉

Who do you think wrote this?

In June 1988, James Hansen gave evidence to a US Senate committee. Hansen’s star rose and he then became climate adviser to the US President, to Al Gore and many others such as Lehman Brothers, the great financiers, who saw carbon emissions trading as a new unregulated global financial instrument which they could control. Lehman Brothers has now gone broke.

Gore was a director of Lehman Brothers. Gore founded his own “green” corporation, Generation Investment Management. He is a board member of a renewable energy company. In many legal jurisdictions, if Gore made speeches about climate change and did not declare his interests, he would be committing a criminal offence. The whole gravy train gained momentum with the establishment of a single-issue group (IPCC), propaganda via Al Gore’s fictional Hollywood blockbuster movie An Inconvenient Truth and Mann’s infamous “hockey stick”, various partisan economic reports (eg Stern, Garnaut) for populist political leaders and an uncritical media looking for horror stories.

Carbon and emissions trading schemes are a God-given opportunity to plunder. New legislation on pie-in-the-sky emissions will result in the public paying more for everything. Trading schemes will be based on a mythical commodity. Such schemes have not stood the test of time and will require constant amendments. The opportunities for fraud are breathtaking. There will be great profits to make out of chaos and many businesses such as (the late) Lehman Brothers positioned themselves to make a killing. Governments just cannot resist an opportunity to raise more taxes, to increase the bureaucracy and impose more regulations.

Note that line I’ve bolded in the above extract.

“There will be great profits to make out of chaos”.

Remind you of anyone?

Let me give you a gentle hint –

Turnbull Once Said To Me, ‘You Capitalise On Chaos‘”


I think not.

All cliques of people tend to hold (and express) similar viewpoints.

For mine, the idea underlying the above expression/s is very telling.

Make of it what you will.

For your interest, the above-quoted extract is from the final chapter of Australian Professor Ian Plimer’s Heaven and Earth (available here).

Interestingly, Professor Plimer was a Head Professor at the university where my business partner completed his (unrelated) degree back in the late 80’s / early 90’s. Thanks to Plimer’s book (which was loaned to me today), my business partner has during the past week, while bedridden due injury, finally taken the Red Pill, and awoken to The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Thank you, Professor Plimer.

Another one bites the dust.

One Response to “A God-given Opportunity To Plunder”

  1. Robert Paris August 5, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    Thanks…a very interesting read.
    This ETS is a real worry, not enough people know what it is really about!!
    Turnbulls past with Goldman Sachs is worrying considering Al Gores similar association and the fact that Goldman Sach own 10% of investment in the ETS, and Al Gores “Blood and Gore” owns 10% also..
    Little wonder they are so keen on the ETS!! and Turnbull too.
    It AMAZES me how Turnbull gets away without being totally scrutinized on this…and Rudd, but somehow the public is more focused wether CO2 has weight or not.
    Who the hell cares? this is a not a big issue, but Turnbulls connections with GS is…and so is GS’s interest in the cap and trade system a big issue!!
    Then theres the fact that NASA’s recent test results on GW show mainly cooling, nothing about this either?
    its high time people know about this!!

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