Barnaby: Here Be Dragons

23 Aug

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 22 August 2011:

Here be dragons

The Sunday Age reported yesterday that almost a year after the Prime Minister promised to “deliver” for regional Australia, the government’s efforts have so far amounted to a few happy snaps.

In the agreement between the Labor party and the Independents, the government promised:

A new website will make it easy for people to see the results of improved budget reporting for their region and will provide interactive ‘contact us’ opportunities for the community to find out more and make enquiries. Other public indicators of service performance and social, economic and population outcome will also be reported. *

However, almost a year after signing this agreement, the website amounts to a National Photographic Competition.

In the “Places” category of the Photographic Competition, 2nd and 3rd prizes went to a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a picture of the Gold Coast. These would appear to be strange choice for a photo competition run by a Department of “Regional Australia”.

“You have to wonder whether this government spends enough time in regional Australia to take a photo” said Senator Barnaby Joyce.

“It’s as if all of their maps for regional Australia have marked on them “Here be Dragons” in the medieval fashion.

“It’s pathetic. I hope the independents, Oakeshott and Windsor, are happy with what they’ve got. In a sense, that is a true reflection of what they have delivered for regional Australia – a happy snap of the Gold Coast and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“I suppose we should not be surprised. This government struggles to even define regional Australia, let alone spend much time there. The biggest “regional” project this government has funded is a $480 million project to upgrade the roads around Perth airport.

“Perth is a great place but I don’t think anyone considers a core part of regional Australia.”

More Information: Matthew Canavan 0458709433

[*] Agreement with Independents, Annex B, Page 5

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  1. Bush bunny August 23, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    Thanks Sen.Joyce. But haven’t the government already paid for up grades to a hospital in Wilkies electorate. And also according to a NBN representative who spoke to me personally, that NBN will be available in Armidale next year. Everyone will get it. Mind you that depends on Telstra who would not commit themselves one bit. I get perfectly good wireless broadband at 54 mbps. Via Telstra at the cost of 29.99 per month through .tpg (owned by Telstra). Mr Rudd from NBN said the cost would be 29.95 per month?

    Mr Brown’s comments regarding the Convoy of no Confidence was a disgrace. Arn’t
    the Greens supposed to stick up for disadvantaged people? Or are we so called extremists. climate skeptics or ratbags not included. Give us patience or do these politicians reckon if we speak against their lack of performance, lies, we are extremist?

    They must go. We are becoming the laughing stock of the world.

  2. Craig Thomler September 5, 2011 at 12:16 pm #


    This is Craig Thomler, the Director for the myregion project at the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government.

    Please note that the first phase of the myregion website launched on 26 August 2011.

    The site contains data on all of Australia’s regions aggregated from over ten Government agencies as well as forums and blogs for people to discuss regional and national challenges within their communities and with governments.

    The website is continuing to be developed and improved, and public feedback is welcome through the Ideas section of the site.

    The website can be viewed at

    Best regards,



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