Barnaby: A Year Of Green-Labor Calamities

1 Sep

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 1 September 2011:

Today marks one year since the Labor party and the Greens exchanged vows and joined together in coalition.

It is clear that one year on, this marriage has been a disaster for Australia. Minority government is not serving Australia well.

We have a government that is drifting and not sure of what direction it is taking Australia. The High Court’s 6-1 rejection of the government’s “Malaysian solution” is in effect of vote of no confidence in this government’s competence.

The government’s refusal to take to the electorate its radical Green agenda shows a lack of respect for the Australian people. A government that doesn’t respect the people can’t expect the people to respect the government.

We all remember the photos. Julia Gillard and Bob Brown wearing corsages in their lapels and signing what looked a lot like a marriage registry, Wayne Swan and Christine Milne looking on as approving members of the bridal party.

The government’s record since then is a rolling series of calamities:

· In October, they announced a Murray-Darling Basin plan that would have destroyed production in Australia’s food bowl.

· In February, the government announced a carbon tax despite the Prime Minister promising five days before the last election that “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead”.

· In June, the government decided overnight to outlaw our $320 million live cattle trade to Indonesia, a decision that is still causing devastation throughout northern Australia.

· In July, our nation’s debt passed $200 billion for the first time ever. Labor has borrowed an average of $100 million each day they have been in government.

· And, just yesterday the High Court ruled Labor’s “Malaysian solution” invalid because the government had not done its homework.

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  1. Bush bunny September 2, 2011 at 11:58 am #

    Yes Cranky, but don’t forget the Green’s are pushing for things to suit their ideology of a one world government and intersex (Bob Brown wanted the word ‘intersex’ introduced as a legal term to describe homosexuality. Can you imagine it in court ‘Me Lawd, my client is intersex…?’ ‘So are all of us – the jury might respond’. Maybe a good description of Craig Thomson, too.

    This government has shown its political prejudice and Julia and her Ministers have acted as uninformed on the issues they are attempting to pass in legislation. Did they know that
    Animals Australia is connected to PETA for example. The RSPCA have always said there is problems with Australian abattoirs also where some Kosher and Halal is practiced and given permission not to stun first. The thing with stunning is there are two types. Brain and cardiac stunning. The first renders the animal unconscious and if left it will recover and go out grazing (with a headache probably) that falls into the Halal belief that the animal is alive when killed. But they didn’t look into this. Cardiac the animal dies.

    How can we have a government that remains uninformed and prejudiced to suit minority whims like the greens and the independents. Yet ignore what their uninformed decisions have not only on the nation but trade and international opinion. There is a Taiwanese joke now on Youtube about Craig Thomson how do you think this will effect the Chinese opinion of this government. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.


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