Now THAT’S What I’m Talkin’ About, Australia!!

2 Sep


Here they are … the last remaining embodiments of the true Aussie spirit –

Regular readers may recall my post following the Convoy Of No Confidence rally in Canberra, entitled “The Day We Proved That Australia Has Lost Its Soul”.

Well looky here, ladies and gentlemen.

Here is a fantastic example of the traditional Great Australian soul that I thought had vanished, making another small yet glorious reappearance:

Anthony Albanese abused amid anger over his dismissal of anti-carbon tax convoy

Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has been grabbed and abused by anti-carbon tax protesters who marched to his Sydney electorate office, calling him a “loser” and a “maggot”.

Hundreds marched through Marrickville, in Mr Albanese’s inner-west electorate, riled by his jibe in August that the Convoy of No Confidence, the anti-carbon tax protest by truck drivers outside Parliament House in Canberra, was really a “convoy of no consequence”.

Protest organiser Jacques Laxale said about 500 people had gathered to demand to know why they were “of no consequence”.

Federal opposition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella marched alongside protesters carrying placards that read “Tolerance is our demise”, “WTF has happened to free speech” and “Carbon dioxide is not pollution”.

She told the crowd: “Please maintain your right to a democratic say. Please do not ever be intimidated, no matter how smarmy, how sarcastic any member of parliament (is), no matter how exalted their position. Never be intimidated.”

Verdun Walsh said he joined the protest because he was deeply offended by Mr Albanese’s comments and wanted his voice to be heard.

He carried a placard saying: “I am 94 years of age, an ex POW, I am not incontinent, I am not of no consequence, I vote, save the Labor Party name, resign now Mr Albanese.”

During the noisy protest, a female protester grabbed Mr Albanese by the tie and called him “gutless” and a “maggot”.

Mr Albanese, after being surrounded by angry protesters who hurled abuse at him, went back inside his office, only to return five minutes later.

“Yelling me down does not do anything for your cause,” Mr Albanese told the crowd, amid boos and jeers.

“For a group of people saying they’re here to campaign for democracy and the right to be heard, you have a funny way of showing it.”

He pointed to a placard that read “Convoy of Courage”, saying: “It doesn’t take a great deal of courage for 150 people to abuse one.”

Protesters also claimed that the government was illegitimate and called for an election.

Now THAT’s more bloody like it Australia!

Bravo! Mr Verdun Walsh.

You are my new hero!

Is it any wonder just why I love old people?

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  1. Oliver K. Manuel September 2, 2011 at 2:49 am #

    Congratulations, Mr. Verdun Walsh!

    Your readers may enjoy this new 2011 Interim NIPCC Report on global warming:

    But great care is now needed to avoid more damage to society.

    World leaders did not realize that they destroyed the most beneficial quality of science for society – its dynamic vitality – when they molded government science into an unreliable stream of consensus “scientific” opinions [1]:

    a. CO2 from fossil fuels causes global warming.
    b. Earth’s heat source is a steady H-fusion reactor.
    c. Steady H-fusion reactors will meet future energy needs.
    d. Radioactive waste from fission reactors can be safely stored.
    e. Windmills and ocean waves are safe, reliable energy generators.

    Etc., etc. ad infinitum.

    AGW proponents are now desperate, like rats on a sinking ship, and extremely dangerous. They have great political power, but cannot free themselves from responsibility for decades of misinformation about:

    1. The origin, composition, and operation of the Sun, and
    2. Safe ways to meet energy needs for Earth’s growing population.

    A face-saving exit [2] from their politically powerful but scientifically indefensible position may avoid more damage to society.

    To be accepted, the exit strategy will need to:

    1. Abandon retaliation or punishment for their wrongs, and
    2. Acknowledge benefits we reaped from their noble goals.

    Are we ready to move in that direction?

    Slaying the carbon dragon may cause society more damage than the dragon did.

    Again, Mr. Verdun Walsh, congratulations for speaking out!

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


    1. “Deep Roots of Climategate”

    Click to access 20110722_Climategate_Roots.pdf

    2. “Harmony from Climategate”

    Click to access 20110815_Climategate_Harmony.pdf

    • Bush bunny September 2, 2011 at 11:08 am #

      Thank you again, you are so perceptive. But one little encouragement, is the Victorian government has upped the conditions and requirements of the placement of wind turbines. Seems they have taken notice of a TV documentary recently. They are making it mandatory that turbines are placed 10 km away from residential housing. Because of the health dangers to occupants who have complained of health problems. Let alone the destruction of bird life and bats overseas. Let’s hope the powers of be start to look at the CERN report. This absolutely crushes the computer models and suggests that CO2 does not drive the climate and we humans are not responsible for climate change and cutting emissions will not effect it.
      Even if carbon trading or taxing did cut emissions that it seems it hasn’t at all. We have to adapt though but giving 600 million a year to the UNCCF is a waste of money and should be spent here in Australia.

      • The Blissful Ignoramus September 2, 2011 at 11:46 am #

        “…the CERN report. This absolutely crushes the computer models and suggests that CO2 does not drive the climate..”

        There’s also this, Bush bunny –

      • Oliver K. Manuel September 2, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

        You are absolutely right: CO2 does not and never did control Earth’s changing climate [ref 1 above].

        But Anthony Albanese – and almost all other political leaders worldwide except Czech President Vaclav Klaus – felt compelled to join the AGW charade.

        Now they are trapped, like rats on a sinking ship, because political power cannot change reality.

        It is extremely difficult for the politically powerful to concede powerlessness to reality.

        That is why the present stand-off between reality and political power is so dangerous. Some face-saving exit strategy [e.g., 2] is needed.

        Hopefully a skilled diplomat will be able to convince world leaders to concede to reality in exchange for amnesty.

        Spiritual teaching, e.g., “Truth is victorious, never untruth” [Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.6; Qur’an 17.85; etc., etc] may help.

  2. Bush bunny September 2, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    Yes Blissful, I have seen this, but one of Barnaby’s commentators Is (Emeritus Prof Oliver K.Manuel) he was once James Hansen’s supervisor at NASA. I have great respect for his knowledge and I can say, I knew about this natural forcing years ago. Not only from University studies but also from a DVD I hired called ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ available now on Youtube or download free. However on an special features section of the DVD was a University Study conducted in Canada (I think) understanding the fluctuations in a special fishing site of anchovy’s and sardines. It brought this up that they said it was the amount of rain that flowed into this site, caused by cosmic or galactic sub atomic particles coming into contact with water molecules in the atmosphere. When there was solar activity these cosmic rays so to speak were deflected from the earth. Hence drier seasons than others. But these are not solely the cause of climate change as Prof Manuel will agree. Ocean currents, our orbit, and sometimes volcanic eruptions can cause a cooling but only temporarily. And the history of the Earth with the cyclical nature between glacial and interglacial periods, the slowing of the Gulf Stream, etc. The Medieval Warm Period, Roman Warm Period, and the Mini ice age. Non of these models
    have concerned themselves with this, but human activity causing warming. Humans enhance natural GHG, of which 95% is made up of water vapour. 4% is CO2 of which less than one percent is caused by human emissions or activity. Now if I know this, mainly I got it studying archaeology and palaeoanthropology and got a major in this discipline in a BA, how doesn’t this government and other governments know. CO2 does not drive the climate and cutting emissions will not influence it. Even though overseas all carbon trading has done is make bankers richer and citizens poorer through increased energy prices and driving industries off shore. More of this is failing to deter this government from the dangerous path they are going along, and too bleedin’ ignorant of skeptical scientist’s warnings! WE’VE BEEN FED LIES BY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE CARING ABOUT OUR WELFARE. Why put a disclaimer on the government report (on page 2)
    The Critical Decade.

    • Oliver K. Manuel September 2, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

      1. I was a Principal Investigator for the study of Apollo lunar samples at the University of Missouri. I never supervised the work of NASA’s Dr. James Hansen.

      2. For the sake of society as a whole, we need an exit strategy for politicians who signed on to the 1971 Kissinger-Mao agreement to save the world from the threat of mutual nuclear destruction by saying:

      a.) Earth’s external heat source is a steady H-fusion reactor, and

      b.) Anthropogenic climate change is the common enemy of all nations.

      Now four decades later we might acknowledge that nuclear war was avoided, nationalism and racism were reduced, and offer amnesty to those who unwisely chose deception to promote these noble goals.

  3. Bush bunny September 2, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    Sorry Oliver I thought you were James Hansen’s superior at one time, maybe not with his views on AGW.

  4. Tomorrows Serf September 2, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    Dr.Manuel has raised an extremely valid point, one which, I had never considered until now.

    Consider the hundreds of thousands of academics, politicians, economists, business people, bankster types and just ordinary sheeple who have wholeheartedly invested time, money, emotional energy, and ego into the FRAUD OF ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE.

    They’re not going to be happy that their little gig is up.

    How about an amnesty to everyone but the banksters?

    They should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

    • Oliver K. Manuel September 2, 2011 at 9:25 pm #

      Your “handle” is my #1 concern.

      I recalled conspiracy hints that I had received along the journey from others when writing this forty-year (1971-2011) history of Climategate,

      Click to access 20110722_Climategate_Roots.pdf

      1. Amazingly, President Eisenhower specifically warned of this danger ten years before the Kissinger/Mao meeting, in 1961:

      2. NASA Administrator Dr. Dan Goldin confirmed its presence in our space program in 1998, before Climategate reared its ugly head:

      During that 37 year period, I had foolishly discounted all conspiracy theories!

      With kind regards,
      Oliver K Manuel

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