Very Sad Week For Australia

12 Oct

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 11 October 2011:

Any Labor party member who really wants to honour their representation to their electorate should vote in the same manner as their personal commitment that they took to the last election. This a time of immense global uncertainty, where it is not scaremongering to state what we see on TV every night in Europe and the US may spread further. To venture down the path of a recalibration of our nation’s economy based on a colourless, odourless gas is not just indulgent, it is culpable.

We have $211 billion dollars in debt, borrowing another $2 billion last week. Now we are engaging on a program to narrow our economic base, put further pressure on manufacturing, push up the price of power for all Australians, increase the size of the bureaucracy, dream of mythical green jobs whilst knowing this whole carbon tax disaster will do absolutely nothing to the temperature of the globe.

It is as if our nation’s government has completely lost the plot whilst they intently watch their backs in this surreal soap opera which is Labor factional politics. In the meantime the Greens are basking in their new ascendency but nine out of 10 Australians never voted for them.

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  1. bushbunny October 12, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    Australia will lead the way? To what and where? We will be the laughing stock of the world, the only hope is to now bring a vote of no confidence against this government over the Malaysian question. I heard it might even pass the House of Reps, but if the Greens are truthful to their dedication against this, maybe it won’t pass the Senate. I’d like to know what reason the lib MP was banned for 24 hours. What the heck did she do?


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