Caring For The Planet – Greens’ Style

22 Nov

As one who loves wildlife … especially birds … who “shoos” away mosquitoes, carries spiders outside, stops to help tortoises safely cross the road, and is happiest when enjoying an entire day just sitting and reading and waiting for my favourite nesting pair of Whistling Kites to appear, this video encapsulates all that p!$$e$ me off about the Great Global Warming Hoax:

Here’s my own take – literally – on what should be the interaction between man and nature.

Observation, inspiration, and delight …. (turn your sound up):

* For those interested in photography/videography, the two Whistling Kite videos were filmed using a hand-held Casio Exilim EX-F1 at 300 frames-per-second; the bees were filmed at 600 frames-per-second.

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