Climategate2 Emails Searchable Database

24 Nov

For those who may wish to search the latest Climategate2 emails (h/t

Climategate 2 FOIA 2011 Searchable Database

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  1. bushbunny November 26, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Joanne Nova and Anthony Watts are doing a great job on this. But latest news Blissful, is
    that EU carbon trading has almost crashed. 5 Euros a tonne. Wot’s that about $3.50 a tonne converted into our currency. Makes our speculative $23 per tonne look expensive or rather opportunistic, for no reason other than satisfy the Greens.

    The thing is Google have stopped investing in their solar thermal project, like the geo-thermal project in SA. Holland is withdrawing subsidies for solar and wind. UK withdrawing their subsidies for solar. They gave up geo thermal projects when gravity closed up the rocks in Cornwall. Germany can’t sell their country’s bonds, what more does this government need to assure them they are heading down the wrong track.

    And the revelation that Slippery Pete has invested in mining etc., and coal gas exploration. Add to this, the carbon bubble for investors, including superannuation or pension funds might lose the lot for their people. We need to pressure those in the know, to at least say – those promoting AGW and Clean energy, when non will change the globes climate – have committed crimes against humanity.

    Durban will be a disaster, and prove nothing but how stupid country’s have been. Have a good farm holiday, Blissful, you know I am completing my Diploma in Agricultural (Organic) production.

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