Barnaby On Labor’s People Skills

30 Nov

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 30 November 2011:

Crean confuses consult with insult

Well Tony Burke and Simon Crean are doing a job that would make the United Nations proud. They are such good negotiators.

Tony passed through Deniliquin yesterday at around about 30,000 feet and 700 kilometres an hour on his way to somewhere else in an air force jet. That is his way of covering the ground.

Simon was actually in Deniliquin in a meeting with a select panel of people but he appeared to pass through the room at only a slightly lower velocity as Tony was passing overhead. Reports from those at the meeting say that he spoke to the chosen few for less than five minutes on the basin plan (See Attachment)*.

Simon has obviously come to the conclusion that unfortunately you have to actually go to a place before you put out a media release. He has yet to learn that you should actually make your media release an accurate reflection of the visit.

The bush telegraph is a pretty good honesty serum when it is matched up to his media release.

If you didn’t laugh you would cry because this is the process that is dealing with the mechanism that feeds Australia and keeps the cost of living on groceries down for working families across our major cities.

If they show the same management acumen as they showed with ceiling insulation, when they set fire to 194 houses, or the crisis budget for a crisis government, which has just informed us that we are going to break through our third debt ceiling, or the rollicking fiasco of the carbon tax on our solo crusade to cool the planet from a room in Canberra, then I have a real fear for what is about to happen to Australia’s food basket.

It looks awfully like the Labor dynamic duo of Simon and Tony would find the job so much easier if they didn’t have to deal with people.

*2011 11 30 MGCC Press Release – Crean’s hollow launch (click to download pdf)

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