$26bn Till We Hit Debt Ceiling, At $2bn Per Week

9 Dec

Media release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 9 December 2011:

CO2 Tax to hit H2O Prices

It’s the end of the week. I know it’s the end of the week because we just borrowed another $2.4 billion and Friday afternoon usually brings the news that we have borrowed another $2 billion.

Our gross debt is now over $223 billion, which means there is only $26 billion before we max out the nation’s credit card, which shouldn’t take too long at the rate we are borrowing.

We have borrowed $14 billion over the past two months, almost $200 million per day.

We have also found out today that a report from the New South Wales government’s independent regulatory agency, IPART, has found that the carbon tax will cause a substantial increase in water prices in New South Wales.

This is a fascinating tax we have put on the Australian people. It doesn’t matter whether you are washing your clothes or washing your car, it is going to cost you more money, and the climate will stay exactly the same regardless.

The IPART report shows that the Sydney Desalination Plant’s water prices will increase by 2 per cent next year and by almost 6 per cent over the next 5 years due to the carbon tax.

Water prices have already increased by 58 per cent since the Rudd-Gillard government came to power.

They don’t call desalination ‘bottled electricity’ for nothing. The carbon tax will increase the cost of everything that has to plug into the wall and desalinated water will be no different.

As the hopes for international action on climate change collapse around the beaches of Durban, Australian families can rightly ask why the government is making their living costs higher than they need to be in a futile attempt to change the climate.

If the government were not so focused on Bob Brown they might actually turn their attention to the real issues that face Australian families.

2 Responses to “$26bn Till We Hit Debt Ceiling, At $2bn Per Week”

  1. Twodogs December 9, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    Well, so much for lasting until May. We’ll be lucky to last until March at the current rate.

    How can they possibly go into surplus next year if our debt is accelerating 6 months out? It looks like they’re bringing next years spending forward. So what is the point in being in surplus in 2012/13 if they bring forward $50billion spending into 2011/12?

    Either they think we’re stupid or the MSM will be apologists for them. Probably both.

  2. Tomorrows Serf December 9, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    Hang on a second!

    I’m getting a bit “jack” of the comment, “we’re spending $2 billion” a week…

    I’m not borrowing $2 billion a week. Nor, I suspect, are you…

    THEY (Labor/Green/Independent) are borrowing $2 billion per week.

    Let those bastards pay it back. (If they can)

    If they want to borrow/spend it, let them pay it back.

    A majority of Australians didn’t vote for them. They stole the government job. Now they’re maxing out the credit card on rubbish.(as usual) and dumping the bill on us!!

    And of the $2 bill/week, what have we got to show for it. JACK S..T!!

    NO dams, NO high speed trains, NO nuthin….except a whole raft of BS taxes, charges and imposts on citizens and industries and a whole bunch or bureacrats and government-affiliated contractors sticking their snouts in the trough.. (Cloward/Piven strategy to a tee)

    I wonder how the Australian Labor Party would go footing the bill they have run up over the last 4 years without the deep pockets of the long-suffering taxpayer.

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