When First They Practice To Deceive And Be Very, Very Stupid

14 Dec

Terry McCrann (Herald-Sun, Daily Telegraph) is the only mainstream economics commentator in Australia that I’m aware of, who has consistently called out the Great Global Warming Swindle for what it is.

Seems the pathetically transparent spin from Combet et al following Durban, has inspired Mr McCrann to new heights of excellence … in calling a spade a spade.

Following is a brief excerpt from his brilliant column in yesterday’s Herald-Sun.  Be sure to follow the link to read the whole thing.

I think Mr McCrann is a little bit McCranky about all the BS:

The great climate change gravy train rolls on

The great climate gravy train rolls on and Julia Gillard and Bob Brown’s great big carbon tax just got bigger. Much bigger.

Phew. The dedicated delegates had to sacrifice a weekend, stay up all night and pump out even more carbon dioxide, but they were able to pull victory right out of the jaws of disaster, figuratively at five minutes after midnight.

There they were facing the end of their world, their cosy world of riding the climate gravy train from one annual two-week conference in a resort city, to the next, and all the points through the year in-between.

Always, always, being prepared to make the tough choices: which resort city, and indeed, north or south?

Faced with going down in history as the free-lunchers that betrayed not just this generation of climate change main-chancers, but the next free-lunching generation and indeed the generation after that, they resolutely put their snouts – sorry, their shoulders – to the wheel and ground out a deal.

Success! Simply put, they ensured that the great climate gravy train would NOT come to a shuddering stop in Durban. It was given a new head of steam to roll on to Qatar next year and who knows where else right through to at least 2015.

They’ve done themselves and their peer group proud. It’s perhaps not well understood just how many billions of dollars and how many probably hundreds of thousands of main-chancers ride that gravy train.

It’s not just the billions of dollars that have been rescued for the ten thousand-plus people that most prominently ride the climate gravy train from one conference to the next.

But in the finest example of real trickle-down in action, all the people who feed off the climate hysteria and inanity beneath them.

From people building useless solar panels and wind turbines (sic), to feeding off the exorbitant power subsidies, to all the climate institutes (sic), to those doing research, all the NGOs, etc, etc, etc.

All their dollars were at risk if the gravy train had ground to a stop in Durban…

Combet and Gillard can’t have it both ways. Either we have signed on in Durban to a massive increase in our carbon tax and the virtual and very quick elimination of our cheap coal-fired power stations.

Or the whole thing is a disgraceful and very expensive charade. There won’t be any real deal in 2015 and we will be left with a useless but punitive tax.

What’s that saying? Oh yes. Oh what a tangled web, a prime minister and climate change minister weave, when first they practice to deceive and be very, very, stupid.

The truth need not hurt.

Sometimes, hearing the cold truth can be downright enjoyable.

Thank you Mr McCrann.

An epic column

4 Responses to “When First They Practice To Deceive And Be Very, Very Stupid”

  1. superseditious80 December 14, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    You haven’t convinced me.

  2. JMD December 14, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    You might find this interesting TBI as you have posted before on this guy – http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Govt-purse-to-tighten-for-rest-of-decade-PHRHK?OpenDocument&src=hp5

    I didn’t read it since I couldn’t be bothered logging in but here’s a couple of interesting news reports from another era;

    March 12, 1930 – PM Scullin warns of hard times ahead. The Prime Minister warned today that stringent measures had to be taken to curb the ballooning national debt.

    August 22, 1930 – Sir Otto Niemeyer tells Australia to tighten its belt. A high official of the Bank of England, has told Australia it must accept heavy sacrifices to cut its foreign debt & improve its economic outlook.

  3. Jazza December 14, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Terry Is a legend–always worth reading in the Hun

    I’m a huge fan(well ” I’m maybe not yet huge but certainly a fan of Terry’s work)

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