An Average Aussie Unloads On The Average Labor Pollie

30 Dec

Reader “Tomorrow’s Serf” has a thoughtful word or many for modern Labor:

And so this is Christmas, and what have we done? Another year over……

We been forced to watch as our fantastic country has been poured down the toilet towards economic disaster by a bunch of, at best, incompetent, and at worst, treasonous fools and morons.

We have housing going down, retailing going down, mining slowing down, shares and stocks going down, (and up a bit and then down some more) economic activity everywhere going down, employment going down, happiness going down.

And interest rates, they’re going down……but not for long. And when they too start going up, that’s when the S will really H the F!!

Well something’s got to be going up! That’s right, government debt levels (last check, it was $228 billion??), unemployment, mortgage stress, senior executive salaries, politicians salaries (did Craig Thompson get a 40 percent pay rise too for his contributions to the sex industry?). Food prices, fuel prices, electricity prices. Then there’s the increasing number of useless bureaucrats, increasing taxes and surchages, fees and tariffs. Fines and penalties too. Yep, there’s lots of things going up.

I sit here in chilly old Bremen, Northern Germany, suffering from catastrophic global warming (BRRRRR!! NOT), enjoying my front-row seat watching first hand the implosion of that brilliant piece of social and economic engineering, the european union, implode in real time. Who designed this mess? Probably a politician, a bureaucrat or a banker. Probably a mix of all three!! And to think that the silly old Greeks jiggled their books, with the help of our old friends from Goldman Sachs (Hi Mal, we’re watching you) to be allowed in. I wonder if, now that the european credit card has been thoroughly maxed out, and the bill is now due, whether they think, with the benefit of hindsight, that it was such a good idea to join. Anyone for an Austerity Riot??

Which makes me wonder about the wisdom of we Aussies allowing ourselves to be dragged into the next great social and economic experiment, APEC. The Asia Pacific Economic Council. But Julia seems to think it makes good sense. She was recently running around the Pacific somewhere, minding someone else’s business, as she does, bleating about Free Trade, and closer ties. You know, all the usual stuff.

But this is the same woman/politician who thinks other things are good ideas too. Things like NBN’s, Pink Batts, BER’s, MRRT’s (just as the mining boom busts), MDBA’s (because you can’t let farmers have water to irrigate – hell, they might grow some food), Carbon Taxes (sorry, make that a Bankster generated, Carbon Dioxide Derivative Trading Platform), shutting down the live cattle trade in the NT, shutting down the coal mining industry, stopping logging activities in Tassy, flip-flopping on flogging uranium to India, blowing out the Federal Budget to around $230 billion in 4 years, giving cash handouts to support Asian electronics industries, encouraging people smuggling, and appointing a global corporation like Serco (who the hell is Serco, anyway??) to run our Gulags for us, again at considerable cost to the long-suffering taxpayer.

If you wanted to destroy the economic structure and fabric of a nation, you couldn’t make a better choice than appointing the current Labor government.

Not that I think this is really a “Labor” government. Labor was the party of the working man. The guy who rolled his sleeves up and worked hard, played hard, drank hard. You know who I mean. The bloke you couldn’t help but admire. So he voted for his political team, like my tradie mates still do. Fair enough. But they mis-spelt “Labor”. They are being conned by the modern Labor politician. Today’s Labor pollie has never handled a shovel, can’t wire up a house, couldn’t fix an engine, can’t change a washer or a light bulb, and has certainly never milked a cow or driven a tractor.

What he/she can do is think up smarmy one-liners to insult his constituents, he can stare straight into a TV camera and lie with conviction about giving a rats arse about the average punter. Today’s Labor politician is adept at explaining unusual official Credit Card activity at brothels and restaurants (Craig), is not above threatening staff members at hospitality venues with the loss of their jobs if a table isn’t immediately made available for them (eh Belinda), is a master of the “late night meeting” with “business associates” hoping to secure “NO BID” mining leases all over the country side. He is a whizz at lining his own pocket at the expense of the citizen. He/she are charlatans.

This mob is not the Real McCoy. It’s a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. It’s a cobbled-together mish mash of self interested “Save the Worlders” with a bunch of political opportunists with economics and law degrees and stints at the UN (like Craig Emerson our Trade Minister) Anthony Albanese (remember him with his smarmy side swipe at “the Convoy of NO Confidence” calling it instead “the Convoy of No Consequence”.)

It’s a mob trading on the fond memory of probably well meaning and patriotic Labor politicians of days gone by. Chifley, Curtin. Those guys. They’d roll over in their graves if they could see this current lot.

No, I’m afraid this lot aren’t there for us. Nobody could be THIS bad by accident. And if it’s not accidental, then it’s deliberate. And if it’s deliberate, then it’s treason.

And that’s a hanging offense (or should be).

We’ve asked for an election. We’ve demanded an election, and they laughed at us and gave us a Carbon Tax. They’ve lied, cheated, given themselves a 40 percent pay rise whilst battlers who voted for them (and those of us who didn’t) struggle.

Maybe we just have to occupy Federal Parliament and have them arrested!!

It’s time to call a spade a Bloody Shovel. Yes indeed, it’s long past time.

I feel better having gotten that off my chest…

10 Responses to “An Average Aussie Unloads On The Average Labor Pollie”

  1. Tomorrows Serf December 30, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    Thanks BI, I didn’t think anyone was listening…..

  2. Nellie December 30, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    And don’t forget her marriage to Sir Bob Brown & his Green Slime Party. And also her other lover affairs with the decietful & cunning Tony Windsor & Rob Oakshott(elected as CONSERVATIVE INDEPENDENTS). True Labor voters cannot support this evil Prime Minister or her ministers. They have nothing whatsoever in common with Labor voters. If they worked in the private sector, they would all be sacked & jailed for fraud & lies & sending their companies bankrupt. We demand an election NOW…And no…IT”S NOT TONY ABBOTT”S FAULT..

  3. WayBackWhenMachine December 30, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    Amen to that TS. Well said.

    I’m all for your second last line, forced removal of the “public” servants seems to be the only way to start the slow and torturous road to recovery. Although who will fill the vacuum? More G&S muppets? If only it was that easy eh.

  4. Jazza December 30, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    You are SO right!.

    If there is a place to sign up,. I’m 100% with YOU!

    Everyone I know HATES these bastards and their coterie of useless self servers!

    Unfortunately, the lot of us will have to suffer the after effects as well as the day by day destruction of our society and economy,whether we voted for them or not( or even if we were among the 16000 who got away with voting multiple times last election)!

  5. John Comnenus December 30, 2011 at 9:18 am #

    If any BiB readers are in the Canberra area we have a small group of like minded individuals that periodically to have a beer and talk economics / politics. Always looking for new participants. If you are in the Canberra area and interested in socializing, let me know by commenting and I will send contact info.

    • Tomorrows Serf December 30, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

      Hi John,

      Thnx for your comments. Next time I’m in Canberra, I’ll look u up..

      I could do with some sanity.

      Vive la resistance!!!

  6. kelly liddle January 4, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Tommorows Serf

    I think you sum up the situation quite well. One good thing at the moment is that they are on holidays, so they are not making any more laws at the moment.

    • Tomorrows Serf January 6, 2012 at 12:29 am #

      I’d be happy if they all stayed on holidays permanently

      • Jazza January 6, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

        Amen to that!


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