A Fancy Name For Theft And Destitution

2 Mar

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 2 March 2012:

Bligh’s Green corridor is a plan to make Queenslanders poorer

You run a government that is racing towards $85 billion in debt, what do you do next?

Well, if you were Anna Bligh you borrow more money to retire productive assets.

Anna Bligh’s Border to Beach Green corridor is nothing but a plan to make Queenslanders poorer, more in debt and deny them the productive assets to get them out of it. Worse, all for no siginficant environmental benefit.

This so-called “green” corridor is a fancy name for theft and destitution, as Green-Labor governments shut down the economic future for people in between.

Retiring vast tracts of otherwise productive farming assets will leave thousands of other Queenslanders, particularly in rural and remote Queensland, behind. If you take out of business assets that can make money, that’s less wealth and less cash flow in a community to maintain schools, roads, hospitals and businesses.

Once upon a time the Labor party was formed in the shearing sheds of Barcaldine, now it wants to shut down the places that midwifed its birth.

All so that the Queensland Labor government can show its usual administrative competence by managing vast tracts of our state. Private landholders will look after their land better than governments because it is their land.

Governments can’t even run the national parks they have at the moment, with much of it infested with weeds and invaded by pests.

They should get their own backyard in shape first before they start invading the backyards of others.

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  1. Oliver K. Manuel March 2, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    Be of good cheer!

    These strange events over the past 50 years are starting to fit together to form an image that was perhaps only a fleeting – but unpleasant – thought for many of us earlier:

    a.) NAS member/AGU Integrity Chair’s confession Feb 2012
    b.) Climategate emails and documents in late Nov 2009
    c.) The war on Islamic nations (“terrorism) in Sept 2001
    d.) Release of 1995 xenon data from Jupiter in Jan 1998
    e.) Ignore experimental evidence Sun’s interior is iron 1983
    e.) Events at the 1976 AGU National Meeting to hide Apr 1976
    f.) Avoid evidence of natural reactors at 1956 AGU National Meeting Apr 1956

    These events suggest that a social engineering project was adopted during the Cold War to avoid the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation and unite nations against a common enemy: Global Climate Change. This noble effort was intended to convert the world population into one single peace-loving, community – guided by consensus post-modern science and politically-correct attitudes. Details are already posted:

    Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth - Blue Marble 2012







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