RBA: You Are Getting Poorer

9 Mar

As if you didn’t already know:

RBA Chart Pack March 2012

Thank you Treasurer Swan.

Thank you Governor Stevens.

Thank you for “saving Australia” from the GFC with your brilliant, “swift and decisive” economic management.

Three and a half years after the peak of the northern hemisphere GFC … and we are almost back to the low point.

Our households’ net worth is back to about where it was in 2001.

And trending down.

Oh yes … and in achieving that remarkable result for us, you have put the country into record debt.

Only $17bn away from the quarter trillion debt ceiling.

Onya fellas.

You are worth every cent of your $1.05 million (Governor Stevens) and $346,000 (Treasurer Swan) salaries.

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  1. Tomorrow's Serf March 9, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    Just more “Snouts in the Trough!!”

    Nuff said!

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