“They Are Pathological In Their Hate Of It”: Barnaby

22 Mar

Barnaby Joyce on fire in the Senate.


2 Responses to ““They Are Pathological In Their Hate Of It”: Barnaby”

  1. kelly liddle at 3:54 am #

    Barnaby is wrong. Coal is Australia’s second biggest export iron ore is our biggest. His other points are correct though.

    • I suspect a misunderstanding there. If you note carefully he was talking about QLD and impacts of the “carbon tax” on QLD, that coal drives “our” (meaning QLD’s) economy, is “our” (meaning QLD’s) biggest export, then went on to include Australia’s economy in his point. I’m guessing just an unfortunate choice of phrasing mid-rant … he’s written many times on coal and iron ore exports, so I’ve little doubt he knows the trade figures.

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