Barnaby On All The Bloated Lunch-Eaters In Canberra

23 Mar

Senator Joyce writes … brilliantlyagain … for the Canberra Times (emphasis added):

Labor will be history in Queensland

The lingering fear of many in a sedentary job is the unreasonable expansion of the body mass. In Parliament you have the tactic of those lobbying you that if they can hold you down and feed you, like a French goose for the purpose of pate de foie, they will get a favourable hearing, and in many instances they are right.

It is hardly a parade of the siblings of the Greek Adonis that are ceremonially carted into Parliament each day. Since we are not digging post holes, nor shearing sheep, meagre attempts and a few rather hyper intense ones are made to stay in nick. On Sunday I am going in the Mooloolaba triathlon. I will come in somewhere at the back of my age group but I am more fearful of Sunday’s pain than Saturday’s Queensland State election. It would be disingenuous to sprout the line that the result is uncertain.

The physical appearance of politicians is no recommendation for their managerial expertise. Lack of managerial expertise is usually covered up by consultants, an ever increasing bureaucracy and an ever escalating debt.

Labor is continually plastering up the holes with borrowed funds and external consultants and Canberra seems to be resounding with this theme at the moment as well. The Canberra Times revealed this week that the Labor party has spent $500 million a year on consultants in their four years in government.

Canberra would feel the nervousness of those employed by the government in Brisbane who are going to be lumbered with the lunacy of the previous government’s ineptness.

Labor is going to lose and lose quite convincingly in Queensland. The fear is that in the engagement in tight seats within the wider electoral battle, telling the truth about the electoral scorecard could be discerned as public hubris. My hope is that people vote with their head and not their heart; sympathy for the arrangement that has dragged Queensland to the bottom of the Commonwealth is misplaced.

You would not marry someone on the premise that you felt sorry for them. You would not go and have a dentist put a drill in your teeth because you think they are a good bloke, but incompetent and clumsy. It stands to reason therefore that you should vote on competency and capacity to deliver your state an outcome not on sympathy. Unemployment in Queensland is the highest on the mainland at 5.7 per cent. Queensland lost its credit rating long before many countries in debt ridden Europe did. Queensland has been home to the farcical health debacle where, for the life of them, they could not get the payroll system to work in a fashion that paid the nurses, however, they did manage to pay a ”Tahitian Prince” about $15 million.

The main east-west highway to the vital mineral provinces, the Warrego Highway, is a two-lane bumper to bumper disgrace once you have managed to crawl over the Toowoomba Range. Queensland debt is booked to hit $85 billion.

This is the same Queensland that used to be the powerhouse of the Commonwealth, with the same people, and resources that are now selling at a record price beyond that received in the past.

Queensland matters for the whole country. It is our third biggest state. When the floods hit late last year, and the coal couldn’t be exported, we experienced our biggest fall in economic activity since the early 1990s recession. The Queensland economy’s stumbles over the past few years have held back the economic performance of all Australia.

In a previous time Queensland built the dams, airports, motorways, electrified the rail, developed the Gold Coast, opened up the coal fields, built the beef roads and built South Bank, built the Art Gallery, developed Gladstone, ran hospitals that weren’t in the news every second week. While they did all of this and more they left government with the treasury overflowing with money.

The only difference between then and now is the Labor Government. Queensland people are not going to feel sorry for them, they are just going to get rid of them.

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