Qlders To Cast Carbon Tax Verdict … LNP To Do F-All To Stop Carbon Tax

23 Mar

Media Release – The Nationals, 23 March 2012:

Dear Friends,

Queenslanders to cast carbon tax verdict

Today marks 100 days until Labor’s carbon tax drives up the price of everything, costs Australian jobs and makes us less competitive internationally – and all for no environmental gain.

Fittingly, Queenslanders will have their day of reckoning against a bad Labor government tomorrow, but also cast their judgment on the carbon tax and the deceitful government Julia Gillard leads.

This Queensland election, like last year’s NSW election, shapes as a referendum on the carbon tax. People power will be on display.

Last time in the Sunshine State there was a sense that Labor cheated its way into office. That is echoed federally with the Prime Minister’s broken carbon tax promise, ‘there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead’. Words that live in infamy and ring loudly in the ears of all Australians.

Without a record to stand on, Anna Bligh and Labor’s smear campaign against Campbell Newman has been unprecedented, ugly and Queenslanders don’t like it. It may have been headline-grabbing but, ultimately, I think it has backfired badly, especially in the last week or two.

When the Crime and Misconduct Commission confirmed Mr Newman had no case to answer and Anna Bligh could not produce a shred of evidence against him, she and Labor were exposed for the fraud they were peddling. That has repulsed people.

It was straight out of Labor’s old playbook. Muckraking and throwing anything and everything in the hope something would stick. It’s gutter politics and it doesn’t work. Dragging Mr Newman’s wife and family through that muck was morally wrong and a political mistake. People accept there is argy-bargy in politics, but this was obviously baseless and crude.

Campbell Newman is to be commended for not parachuting into a safe seat but really taking the fight up to Labor in its own backyard. Ashgrove was always going to be a tough ask, needing a 7.1% swing. That takes character and Queenslanders have responded to that.

As we’ve already seen in WA, Victoria, NSW and now Queensland the tide has turned, Labor is on the nose and Julia Gillard’s judgment day with the Australian people for Labor’s lies, waste and incompetence is coming.

I look forward to the day when the LNP and the federal Coalition are working together in government for the benefit of Queenslanders and all Australians.

King [sic … dear Lord, can noone spell or copycheck anymore?!] regards,

Warren Truss
Leader of The Nationals

Fine words.

But will the Queensland LNP do anything more than just talk it up on the bankers’ CO2 derivatives scam, once they hold power from tomorrow night?

Will they act to STOP the “carbon tax”, rather than just unconvincingly promise to “repeal” it?

Will they get off their fat, lazy, well padded, shiny-suited, taxpayer-financed arses and actually challenge the Orwellian-titled Clean Energy Future legislation in the High Court, under sections 55 and (especially) 114 of the Australian Constitution, as several expert constitutional lawyers have advised that they can?

Or … will they demonstrate themselves to be no better than their tough talking, big pre-election promising, non-delivering invertebrate counterpart in NSW, Premier Barry O’Farrell?

On past and present form, I am betting on the latter.

All talk. No action.

Queenslanders … keep the bastards honest.

Vote 1 Katter’s Australian Party (“The Australian Party” on your ballot)

One Response to “Qlders To Cast Carbon Tax Verdict … LNP To Do F-All To Stop Carbon Tax”

  1. Jazza March 24, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    I have family in Qld who cannot wait to vote conservative and see the back of Labor.

    tell me Katter is a strange ,unintelligible and foolish fellow they cannot trust, and in their retail world that is hurting, only a conservative government holds out any hope.

    However, I agree that so far the states that changed from labor have got governments apparently not willing to make changes, that almost rival Victoria’s Steve Bracks’ first term when he coasted. doing nothing for most of the term,allowing predecessor Kennett’s projects to complete,.

    It’s almost as if they are frightened to a and rock any boats, and I blame the media for turning them into half socialist frightened wimp who might just be one termers seemingly unaware they were elected to clean out the Labor and Greens excesses

    I have face to face told Baillieu this but his nod meant nothing!.

    Disappointing really, but then Labor is ten times worse and bringing back communism with the greens as partners, so MUST GO!

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