Barnaby Media Statement On Baby Bonus

15 Apr

Media Release – Senator Barnaby Joyce, 15 April 2012:

Baby Bonus

I have never contacted Tony Abbott to push for a doubling of the Baby Bonus.

With a strong on the ground experience of the problems that large lump sum social security payments can create, I don’t think I ever will support a policy that would exacerbate these issues.

Before the last election gross debt was to peak at $220 billion but it is now forecast to peak in excess of $270 billion so unfortunately, like the nation, our aspirations are affected by Labor’s debt.

The Nationals believe that the Baby Bonus should be made in interval payments over a longer term to avoid the social problems of lump sum payments being made that, in some instances, do not go toward the baby but go to alcohol or other items that are actually at odds to the welfare of the child.

More information: Matthew Canavan 0458 709 433

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