Hey Tony, If Lib State Premiers Won’t Rise Up … STFU

16 Apr

From AAP:

Abbott urges revolt against carbon tax

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has urged workers to “rise up” against Labor in protest at the carbon tax, which will come into effect on July 1.

Visiting a Melbourne bed-making factory on Monday, Mr Abbott said the carbon tax would act like a “reverse tariff” affecting Australian manufacturing while benefiting overseas competitors.

He said Labor purported to represent workers but was attacking their jobs.

“The carbon tax will go like a wrecking ball through the Australian economy,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Deer Park.

“This is why even now I call on the workers of Australia to rise up and say ‘no carbon tax’ to a government that still claims to represent them.”


The workers of Australia have said “no carbon tax”, loudly and clearly.

Over 88% of votes at the last election, went to parties promising that there would not be one (Labor, and the LNP).

You want US to rise up?! What exactly do you mean by … “rise up”?

Here’s an idea Tony.

How about the NSW and QLD LNP State premiers make good on their loud, solemn pre-election promises?

What’s that?

Your banker mates – including Joe Hockey’s wife, and Malcolm’s Goldman Sachs buddies, et al – won’t let you?

Because they are now within mere weeks of being able to start up their long-awaited, 100% unregulated, unmonitored, CO2 derivatives Ponzi scheme disguised as a “market mechanism” for “emissions reduction”?

Quelle surprise!



All useless, spineless, self-serving, dishonest, unrepresentative swill (h/t PJ Keating)

5 Responses to “Hey Tony, If Lib State Premiers Won’t Rise Up … STFU”

  1. kelly liddle April 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Yes Maybe Tony Abbott is calling for people to vote for the LDP http://ldp.org.au/ or form another party as we collectively have voted LNP to get rid of the tax. One method that does not seem to have been thought of is to say that it is a tax on interstate trade as different companies will be treated differently and this will have different effects on states depending on the size of emmissions in each individual company. An example might be Kenilworth cheese which will not be taxed versus National Foods cheese which will be taxed hurting the larger companies competitiveness. The distribution of small companies will vary amongst the states.

  2. geoff.c3 April 16, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    As I have said ever I started to study The AGW sam, it is all about money. I thought the CFC and natural ozone variation was the worls’s bigges scam. It probably was at the time but CO2 and global warming, changed to climate change when the globe did not warm as fast as predcted dwarfs that into insignificanse. Viva la revelution. Bring bak the guilotine

    • Tomorrow's Serf April 17, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

      Hey Geoff.c3,

      Guillotine, (with double “l”) but yes, guillotine derivatives, the next boom industry. I like your style….

    • Twodogs April 17, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

      The “hole in the ozone layer”, which was nothing more than a slightly thinner part which just happened to reside over an active volcano, was a test run for the CO2 scams. It was such a PR success that it was used as a template for carbon trading.

      Fortunately, as history will record, globals temperatures didn’t follow the grand plan of mice and men, and the whole thing fell apart. Now they’re back to the drawing board, but unfortunately for us, the disastrous EU experiment (which doubles as a template for global government) will perversely create opportunity for tyrants-in-waiting to rise to power and use more tyranny “for our own good”. We have come back from the brink, but unfortunately worse is to come.

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