A Steaming Hot Contest

15 Feb

Some are saying that Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is Australia’s Biggest Bullshit Artist:

With zero training in economics, an inability even to master Internet banking and no Treasury officials by my side, even I could see months ago Climate Change Minister Greg Combet was Australia’s biggest bullshit artist when he claimed his carbon trading system wouldn’t leave the Budget with a black hole.

As far back as July last year, even an economic illiterate like me could see Combet was signing up the Government to massive budget deficits by linking Australia’s carbon trading scheme with Europe’s, where the price of carbon allowances was sinking far beneath the $23 a tonne price here.

Which it has:

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet flagged the federal government may cut revenue forecasts for the carbon tax in this year’s budget as the chairman of its Climate Change Authority, Bernie Fraser, said Treasury’s price projections were out of date and unrealistic…

He was responding to a report in The Australian Financial Review which said the government faces a revenue hole of up to $4 billion in 2015-16 from a collapse in the carbon price, which is now about $5 a tonne. Australia’s carbon price is $23 a tonne and will continue to rise until 2015, when it will float.

My friend Zeg agrees:

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Zeg is seeking work presently.

He is a freelance editorial/political and commercial cartoonist/caricaturist/illustrator/character-designer, and casual radio producer & host. Check out his portfolio here. If you can help, please let me know.

Now … about that title of Australia’s Biggest Bullshit Artist. I reckon a competition for that title would be steaming hot. What do you think?

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