Chaos Stood And Was Re-elected Unanimously: Barnaby

22 Mar

Media Release, Senator Barnaby Joyce, 22 March 2013:

Regional Development and Local Government left unrepresented

Yesterday the Labor party caucus called a ballot. Chaos stood and was re-elected unanimously.

Former Labor party leader, Simon Findlay Crean, Member for Hotham, said things had to come to a head and instead he lost his.

The problem we have now is that I am Shadow to a person that does not exist. There is no Minister for Regional Development. And this toxic amalgam of Green, Labor party and Independents, far from looking after regional areas, has left them completely and utterly disenfranchised.

The person who said he was going to drive through constitutional recognition of local government is now gone. The Labor party has sat on the Spigelman review, which recommended a referendum on constitutional recognition of local government at the 2013 election, for over a year. Now less than six months from an election we have no response, no legislation and no Minister.

Is this the sort of stability that the Member for New England, Mr Windsor, and the Member for Lyne, Mr Oakeshott, was requesting when they decided to support the Green-Labor-Independent government?

Who is now representing Regional Australia? Who is now representing Local Government? For that matter, who is now running the country? Who is preparing the budget?

It has taken me exactly ten minutes after walking down the street this morning to find out what the Australian people think of all this. They are appalled, they want it all to be resolved and soon.

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  1. Bill March 22, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    Pathetic attempt to set-up Rudd. As a PM he was worse than useless, but even he ‘worked out’ the Gillard/Crean move. Unsurprisingly, the Mainstream Media bought into it hook, line and sinker.
    Labor’s plan all along has been for Gillard to take all the flak, for making the Nation – destroying decisions, act as Labor’s ‘front runner’ up to the election, then, when they enter the final straight, step aside and present Shorten with a rail run. Billy – boy will then make a quick dash for the line before the Public realise his ‘short’comings.

    I expect a massive give -away budget (all borrowed of course) a quick changeover and a snap election.

    However, that pesky Rudd could, even yet, stuff their dastardly plot.

    How much longer Lord?

  2. Anna B March 27, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    If this is right, then why was Shorten crunching the numbers (which he denied) weeks out from the leadership spill? Why did Gillard send Swan along to Shorten’s office to effectively keep him on ice and prevent any further lobbying of Labor MPs after Crean announced he would be standing for Deputy PM? Was Albanese forced? or persuaded? to withdraw from standing for Deputy PM after a very interesting discussion with a Senior Labor Member of Caucus the night before? I believe Crean announced he would stand for Deputy PM in the spill in an effort to get others (and Rudd) back on board.

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