Numbers Count For Nothing

15 Apr


A little economic insight. Prompted by the funeral today of my childhood best mate’s brother.

It’s only numbers.

R.I.P. Jeff


“Stress less.”

– Jeff


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  1. Kevin Moore April 16, 2013 at 7:41 am #

    I empathise – numbers issued as a debt without relief is unkind, causes stress, ill health and is unconscionable.

    From Protocol 8, “………because in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures.”

    A portion of one mans thoughts on modern day economics —

    “Twighlight Over England” -‘The path to democracy is the road to oblivion’.
    by William Joyce,

    A paragraph from page 26,

    “As there approached, during the last century, the final struggle to eliminate everything that did not reek of materialism, it was only natural that the Liberal Industrialists should found a college of Propaganda. This was the Manchester School of Economics. Tenth rate philosophical hacks were brought and assembled with instructions to invent the science of economics and justify the abominations which the craw-thumping Radical plutocrats were each day practising on the masses of the people. The doctrines of this so-called school were very simple. The great and eternal verity of economics was announced in the golden words: “Buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest.” This commandment being devoutly accepted, every other grace necessary to salvation would follow of its own accord. Hallelujah! How Jewish it all sounds. It followed, of course, that human flesh and blood must also be purchased in the cheapest market and its products sold in the dearest — for the benefit of the dear kindly old employer who erected outside his sweat-shops a tin tabernacle to which his workers must, under pain of dismissal, go every Sunday to thank God they were poor and hear sermons on the blessedness of their simple condition and “station in life.” Then of course, another grand precept was that of Free Trade. England had a start of almost 50 years ahead of the Continental countries in the matter of this Industrial Revolution.”

    Eight game-theorists have won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences…”

  2. Kevin Moore April 16, 2013 at 12:01 pm #

    “Pound of Flesh”
    Something which is owed that is ruthlessly required to be paid back.
    This of course derives from Shakespeares “Merchant of Venice”, 1596. The insistence by Shylock of the payment Antonio’s flesh is the central plot device of the play:
    The pound of flesh which I demand of him Is deerely bought, ’tis mine, and I will haue it.
    The figurative use of the phrase to refer to any legal but nevertheless unreasonable and unlawful recompense, dates to the late 18th century.


    [6] “……….Jews have preached “democracy”, and through getting their dupes to believe in it, have succeeded in riveting on their necks the chain of Shylocracy, the rule of the CROWNED USURER, Shylock-Rothschild, who was admitted to Englands’ parliament by “Liberal” statesmen, and now rules the world. Jew Banks appear to be many, but in reality they are ONLY ONE. Reduced to impotence the Nations bow before the Law—–not of Moses even, but of the Jews Bank——“always united and always devoted to our [Jewish] cause.”

  3. Richo April 17, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Not sure if you have seen this by Labor’s prodigal son Ross Garnaut has called for Reserve Bank intervention on the dollar and warning of looming recession due to a slow down in China. I wonder if he will be branded as loopy, dangerous and maverick by the chatter classes.

    • The Blissful Ignoramus April 17, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

      Thanks Richo. Yes, funny how some are permanently pigeon-holed as loopy and dangerous, but others – those with the right “credentials” – can say the same things and be lauded (again) as fonts of wisdom.

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