TIME: Carbon Markets May Be Finished

24 Apr

White Flag: Last Lap

The banksters and their hordes of related societal parasites will fight on to the bitter end. Even so, the conclusion to this article in TIME magazine suggests the possibility of a white flag being rolled out by some of their influential media supporters:

…the hope that we may be able to reduce carbon emissions the same way we cut pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide—through a well-run cap-and-trade —seems to be dimming, a victim of its own complexity and a sluggish global economy. That might leave the door open for other policies, including a straight carbon tax, more support for renewables or increases R&D funding for carbon-free power. We could use all three, but carbon markets may be finished. If carbon trading can’t make it in Europe, it can’t make it anywhere.

4 Responses to “TIME: Carbon Markets May Be Finished”

  1. MICK April 24, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    I never agreed with the current method of taxing carbon as the credit system was always going to be something which was going to be rorted. It was reported some time ago that criminals around the world were lining up and like any new system the money was there for the picking.

    A much better way to clean up the environment is to put a tax on carbon but then you get sweetheart deals and industries bleating about why they are a special case. It requires a tough (but fair) government which is not business owned so that decisions are impartial. Well there goes the Liberal side of politics. And the big end of town would not let the Labor side of politics to do anything which is contrary to its interests.

    So in the end we all have to wait as the planet is stuffed with all players standing around with their hands in their (collective) pockets. Business and greed do have a lot to answer for. Ain’t politics wonderful!!

    • bushbunny April 24, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

      Agree but the climate change science or AGW is completely wrong and those responsible were in the government’s pockets or promoting solar and wind turbines. They now have eggs on their faces, and more to come. With EU cc only $3 per tonne, whose going to buy ours? The thing is Mick, if you buy carbon credits you go on still polluting. One University in England got a grant, and suggested that they should seed clouds with sulphur dioxide like volcanoes, that tend to cool the climate for a short time after eruptions. Oh dear, have they not heard of SMOG or acid rain?

  2. Kevin Moore April 24, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    I am still trying to figure out why the Labourites showed such joyous emotion – lots of hugging and kissing – when the Carbon [dioxide] tax legislation was passed by parliament. Cui bono?
    Surely they weren’t serious about their assertions that the tax would lower the temperature of the Earth. If so, then there was nothing in the legislation to say how the quantity of dollars spent equated
    with temperature change, nor was there provision for regulating the tax according to Earths average temperature variations. Then again there is no scientific agreement as to how the Earths average
    temperature should be measured.
    First NASA said that CO2 acts like a blanket around the Earth blocking heat from escaping back to space.
    Now they have done an about face saying that CO2 reflects heat back into space –

    • bushbunny April 25, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

      Hi, all I know from studying some years ago, The earth warms itself and reflects warmth to the lower atmosphere. Sun spots and galactic rays help form clouds by combining with water molecules. But sun spots deflect these that’s why regions do not get as much rain as they should some years. That’s why the UHI. Urban heat island affect creates higher temps than in the country. Concrete absorbs heat and releases it at night. Where there are a lot of buildings, some so high they change cooling wind directions and pollution collects, particularly near oceans or rivers where humidity is highest. But you get out of a city and it is naturally less polluted. But cloud cover keeps the planet cool, depending on the latitude. You look at the Sahara desert, been there by the way. During the day temperatures are very high, but at night they drop sometimes to minus in their winter months. No cloud cover. That’s why frost does not form at night if there is cloud cover as it blankets the region to keep it warm and in summer cooler. Climate is what we ‘expect’ but weather is what we get. Why do benouins have black tents? And it is extreme weather events, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes/cyclones, floods that kill us and other organics. Put bush fires on that list. If you remember the Indonesia bush fires some years ago? Went on for years, they were caused by coal seam surface fires, the same as in China and India caused by faulty mining strategies. Smoking mountain in NSW is brown coal igniting underground. It has been burning for thousands of years, and the first surveyors thought it was a volcano. There are some things we can improve. Other ways beyond our human capability. Greenhouse gases are static. Interestingly, I asked one ignorant blogger on Jo Nova what was the proportions of gases in our ‘air’. He reckoned that it was increasing dramatically with nearly 50% CO2. Not kidding! When I told him that most of our atmosphere was nitrogen and oxygen, with less than 4% CO2 and 1% trace gases, he called me a liar. I am rambling I know but passionately against the carbon tax. They forget that without water and plants we would not have any oxygen or CO2.

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