“You CAN Influence The Price Of The Dollar, If You Actually Want To” – Barnaby

7 May


Bookmark this post, dear reader. This is historic.

Once again, Barnaby Joyce is the first major party politician (to my knowledge) to speak truth to power concerning a(nother) vital economic parameter.

In late 2009 and early 2010 – before new Opposition Leader Tony Abbott wilted like a week-old lettuce leaf and sacked him – then Opposition Finance spokesman Barnaby warned of the dangers of Australia’s rising Federal and State government debt trajectories.  Only in recent weeks, some three years later, leading economists have begun to acknowledge that Barnaby was right.

Today, 7 May 2013, appearing on radio 2GB, he is the first major party politician to state that the government can bring down the exchange rate value of the Australian dollar, and tell the plain truth about why they (the ALP, Treasury, and RBA) have not done so:

The dollar, if you actually want to, you can actually affect it. It’s not written on tablets of stone and presented from Mount Sinai. You can influence the price of the dollar down if there is real motivation and desire to do so. One of the reasons they don’t do it is because they want to be economically pure. The way we’re going at the moment we’re going to be pure in debt, economically dead, so let’s make sure we keep our industry going.

Just so.

Over the past few years, our great economic leaders – the World’s Greatest Treasurer Wayne Swan, and the Million Dollar Man, RBA Governor Glenn Stevens – have deliberately chosen a policy of not joining the global currency wars.  Of deliberately allowing the AUD to rise and rise versus other currencies, and to remain at unprecedented elevated levels. Why?  In order to “make room for the mining boom”.

In other words, because of the inflationary impact of the mining (investment) boom, they have chosen to let a far-too-high AUD deflate the rest of the economy … to “make room for the mining boom”.

(Yes, the same mining boom that is now ending; the one that they so confidently believed would give Australia a period of “unprecedented prosperity”, a China-funded “golden age” lasting “to 2050”, according to former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry).

They have pursued an economic policy of allowing the rest of the Australian economy to be hollowed out, white-ant style, so that their precious little (bogus) economic performance figures for “inflation” (ie, the CPI) would not get too far beyond their arbitrary boundaries of preference.

While the rest of the country (except mining and related industries) has watched countless businesses, and whole industry sectors such as manufacturing, slowly getting squeezed towards, and in a record number of cases, into bankruptcy, our ivory-towered boffins have sat back applauding themselves for their ideological purity, self-congratulating for their not acting to influence the AUD exchange rate.

Despite the fact that practically every other nation in the world who can, is.

As usual, it takes the little ol’ bush accountant to bell the cat.

Barnaby for PM.

He’s the only one with both brains, and b***s.

4 Responses to ““You CAN Influence The Price Of The Dollar, If You Actually Want To” – Barnaby”

  1. Richo May 8, 2013 at 1:48 pm #

    Yes the RBA has finally swung into action and cut by another 0.25 per cent! Wow, now that the cash rate is only 2.75 per cent, it is only 2.75 per cent higher than the rest of the world. The currency speculators are bound to reconsider……….

    • The Blissful Ignoramus May 8, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

      LOL .. indeed Richo. The words “stable”, “door”, “horse” and “bolted” spring to mind.

      • Kevin Moore May 9, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

        Just for your interest in case you haven’t seen it.

        Monday, April 29, 2013

        Before the Six Million there were the 24,000
        By Michael Hoffman
        I am currently writing the introduction, compiling the bibiliography and designing the cover for our forthcoming book, Testing the Talmud, which was written by a professor of Hebrew at a major university. Judaism is again on my mind therefore, after writing three books on the subject (in 2000, 2008 and 2011) and then pursuing other revisionist history, most recently, Usury in Christendom.

        Yesterday was Lag B’omer, an Israeli holdiay in honor of Rabbi Shimon Ben Yohai, the reputed founder of the Kabbalstic system of magic and superstition in Judaism, and the Mishnaic theologian who declared, “Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed.” …………………………


  2. tel0 May 8, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    Any government can force their currency down they just print lots of cash and spread it around. The higher the availability of cash, the less it is worth.

    However, if every country on Earth tries to lower their currency with respect to every other country… who will win? The best you can hope for is a stalemate. We should be hoping for exchange rates that are mostly stable, because currency is only an economic intermediary, not a product in itself.

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