Barnaby Mocks “Divine Word Of The Free Market Gospel”

6 Jun

Barnaby Joyce writes for the Canberra Times:

Jaunt through colourful past brings future into focus

Politics at the federal level has lost much of its lustre. The Labor Party are screaming at us through the nightly news that they are for the high jump. You can almost tell that they are past caring.

They do care about preselections in their dwindling number of safe seats, though. So there is a high degree of interest in whether Senator David Feeney the “faceless man” can become “Batman” (i.e. member of) after the retirement of Martin Ferguson. I suppose he will then be the “faceless batman”.

When the present situation in Australian politics gets you down, there is respite in our past.If you are a politics junkie then Tenterfield, in the northern New England, is a must. Tenterfield is the place where our continent was united, where our states joined to become one “indissoluble Federal Commonwealth”, in the words of the preamble to our Constitution.

We are the only island continent not burdened with the divisions and demarcations of national borders.

Tenterfield gets its name from the home in Scotland of the Donaldsons, Stuart Donaldson being a pioneer in the area and also the first premier of NSW.

Tenterfield was prepared as a battle site to defend Australia from invasion by Japan in World War II and tank traps can still be seen in the country nearby. Not to be parochial it was also the home of Robert Mackenzie, the third premier of Queensland. It was the last major railway station going north before the ultimate tariff, narrow-gauge railway lines, brought things to a grinding halt in Queensland. It was the home of Major James Thomas, who defended Breaker Morant, a seminal action in our history, Australia taking one of its first steps away from English oversight.

Dr Earl Page and John Hynes started the NSW Country Party in Tenterfield in around 1918, today Australia’s second-longest established party, after the Australian Labor Party.

Most noted of course is the 1889 federation debates held at the School of Arts on Tenterfield’s main street, and the paternal role that Sir Henry Parkes played in those debates. Edward Whereat withdrew from election for the NSW seat of Tenterfield to allow Sir Henry Parkes to make one of his many re-entries to Parliament. It is said that Parkes showed his gratitude by visiting Tenterfield perhaps twice during his tenure as the local member.

If politics drives someone in your party around the twist and they are searching for something lighter, well Peter Allen came from Tenterfield also.

Hanging in the School of Arts is the New England flag from the failed 1967 referendum to create a new state apart from NSW. The local member, until only very recently, was Richard Torbay. Even though he has resigned and been referred to ICAC, he was still polling at more than 50 per cent weeks out from a by-election he was not standing for.

To the west of Tenterfield is the derelict tobacco drying sheds, the casualty of a policy that says it is all right to kill yourself with smoking but you must do it with tobacco grown overseas. In town is one of Australia’s most successful hearse manufacturers, who are being killed by overseas tariffs.

The remainder of the world that excludes Australia lives in a pragmatic place away from the divine word of the free market gospel and premises their policies on bilateral arrangements of mutually negotiated benefit.

Drake to the east of Tenterfield used to have a timber industry which the Greens closed down. It once had a mining industry which the Greens don’t support, and it has a cattle industry which the Greens are trying to shut. Not surprisingly, the unemployment rate is through the roof. This is yet another iteration of current Australian politics.

The election that will be held in 100 days’ time will fundamentally be an election about the future, not the past, nor the present. Does Australia want a future where sensible government is returned to Canberra? Or will we continue to wallow in the morass of excessive promises, high debt and internal fascinations that have dominated federal politics for the last five years?

I think the Australian people have basically made their mind up on this question. The interest will turn to localised battles, where the margins for defeat are high, such as in New England.

In those seats, the people will ask themselves do they feel that the Labor Party, Ms Gillard and Mr Swan deserve endorsement of their current form of government? Or should they change to the alternative side, and most likely have a representative who is part of the solution to fixing their problems?

Love the sarcasm.

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  1. Kevin Moore June 6, 2013 at 10:57 am #

    Barnaby means well and is a moderating influence in a corrupt system – but in my opinion,

    Registering to vote is a quasi contract.

    That if I vote, I give tacit consent to people with the same natural rights as myself, who when elected call themselves politicians but duplicitly represent the Commonwealth of Australia incorporated and its money lenders. These people then deem a right of dominion over myself and the right to make their own rules for the governance of my life.

    That in voting as agent in commerce for my registered all capital letter birth certificate name, I tacitly consent to being assumed a captive and slave of the pirate Ship of State called the Commonwealth of Australia inc.

    That voters unwittingly become quasi shareholders of the Commonwealth of Australia incorporated when they elect a chairman and a board of directors of that company which is a chapter 11 bankrupt.

    Plainly, the so called democratic system of government is in the hands of rich and powerful deceivers who through force and make-believe use it to serve their own ends.

    Proverbs 23:1-4, “When you sit down to eat with a ruler, look carefully at what is before you; and put a knife to your throat if you are a possessor of a soul. Do not desire his delicacies, for it is the bread of lies.

    “Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.”
    “(The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.)”
    Cornelius Tacitus (55-117 A.D.)

  2. Kevin Moore June 6, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

    Did C.J.Dennis have Free Trade advocate, Politician and Lawyer George Reid in mind?

    Reid was a tubby figure, an easy caricature for the Bulletin in the 1880s. Alfred Deakin wrote of Reid;
    Even caricature has been unable to travesty his extraordinary appearance, his immense unwielding jelly-like stomach always threatening to break his waist-band, his little legs apparently bowed under it weight to the verge of their endurance, his thick neck rising behind his ears rounding to his many-folded chin. His protuberant blue eyes were expressionless until roused or half-hidden in cunning, and a blond complexion and infantile breadth of baldness gave him an air of juvenality.

    THE GLUGS OF GOSH by C.J. Dennis

    He was a Glug of simple charm;
    He wished no living creature harm.
    His kindly smile like sunlight fell
    On all about, and wished them well.
    Yet, ‘spite the cheerful soul of Sym,
    The great Sir Stodge detested him.

    The stern Sir Stodge and all his Swanks –
    Proud Glugs of divers grades and ranks,
    With learning and attainments great –
    Had never learned to conquer hate.
    And, failing in their A. B. C.,
    Were whipt by Master Destiny.

    ‘Twas thus that Gosh’s famous schools
    Turned out great hordes of learned fools:
    Turned out the ship without a sail,
    Turned out the kite with leaden tail,
    Turned out the mind that could not soar
    Because of foolish weights it bore.


    It chanced one day, in the middle of May,
    There came to the great King Splosh
    A policeman, who said, while scratching his head,
    “There isn’t a stone in Gosh
    To throw at a dog; for the crafty Og,
    Last Saturday week, at one,
    Took our last blue-metal, in order to settle
    A bill for a toy pop-gun.”
    Said the King, jokingly,
    “Why, how provokingly
    Weird; but we have the gun.”

    And the King said, “Well, we are stony-broke.”
    But the Queen could not see it was much of a joke.
    And she said, “If the metal is all used up,
    Pray what of the costume I want for the Cup?
    It all seems so dreadfully simple to me.
    The stones? Why, import them from over the sea.”
    But a Glug stood up with a mole on his chin,
    And said, with a most diabolical grin,
    “Your Majesties, down in the country of Podge,
    A spy has discovered a very ‘cute dodge.
    And the Ogs are determined to wage a war
    On Gosh, next Friday, at half-past four.”
    Then the Glugs all cried, in a terrible fright,
    “How did our grandfathers manage a fight?”….

  3. Kevin Moore June 10, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

    The Referendum and the political agenda –
    The Programme begins:

    Jeremy Lee, who has continually warned us what is happening to this nation, published in 1995 “Local Government, Amalgamation, Regionalisation & the Hilmer Report” where the programme was spelt out. It was a programme that came with the arrival of the Whitlam Federal Government in 1972, and the plans for its completion were anticipated somewhere before the end of the century.
    The programme included:

    · A large reduction of the number of Local Authorities in Australia by amalgamation:

    · The formation of REDOs (Regional Economic Development Organisations) made up in part of the amalgamated Authorities, with a mixture of elected councillors permanent government commissioners and nominees from various industry and social organisations, including trade unions in policy implementation under central direction;

    · The replacement of the existing States with the proposed REDOs, through the redirection of funds from the financial monopoly the Federal Government has acquired;

    · The replacement of the Crown, with its reserve powers, by a republic;

    · The Introduction of a National Competition Policy, as set out in the Hilmer Report; and

    · The Integration of the Australian economy into a global model in which the World Trade Organisation – the operative arm of the GATT – is the principal decision-maker about productive, trade and workplace practices in Australia.

  4. Kevin Moore June 10, 2013 at 7:02 pm #

    The info on this email should be of concern to everyone –

    Dear NaturalNews readers,

    This story is truly mind-blowing. A 29-year-old senior intelligence analyst has stepped forward and claimed responsibility for leaking details of the massive NSA spy grid program that gives government spooks real-time access to ALL your emails, phone calls, text chats, photos, passwords and much more.

    Actual quote from the whistleblower:

    “Any analyst at any time can target anyone. Any selector, anywhere… I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President…”

    Read the mind-blowing story here:

    and watch the video interview here (where it can’t be censored!)

    As a reminder, this super-secret spy program gives government spooks “direct access” to the servers of Google, Facebook, Skype, Apple, AOL, Microsoft and others. Here’s the proof:

    P.S. I am hosting the Alex Jones Show today to discuss all this in more detail. Listen in at beginning at noon (Eastern) / 9am Pacific. Guests include Jim Marrs, Jon Rappoport and hopefully a surprise guest in the third hour. It will be a powerful broadcast!

  5. Kevin Moore June 11, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    More on Dr Gottfried Feder –

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