There’s No Other Game In Town: Banking Fraud (But I Repeat Myself)

2 Jul

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Top Vatican bank officials resign after arrest of senior Italian cleric

The director and deputy director of the Vatican Bank have resigned after a senior Italian priest with close ties to the bank was arrested on suspicion of fraud and corruption.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Vatican announced that the bank’s director, Paolo Cipriani, and his deputy, Massimo Tulli, had stepped down.

On Friday, Italian authorities arrested a senior cleric known as Nunzio Scarano after an investigation of the bank, also known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), produced evidence showing it may have been involved in an international fraud scheme.

Scarano was arrested along with Giovanni Maria Zito, a former Italian intelligence agent, and Giovanni Carinzo, a financial broker.

Prosecutors say Scarano paid Zito 400,000 euros ($523,000) to transport 20 million euros in cash from Switzerland to Italy onboard Zito’s private jet

The Italian daily La Repubblica reported that Scarano is also under investigation in the city of Salerno on suspicion of money laundering.

Only priests, religious, Catholic institutions, employees of the Vatican City State, and diplomats accredited to the Holy See are allowed to have accounts at the IOR, but Italian politicians and organized crime figures allegedly also have accounts at the bank.

Over the years, the Vatican Bank has been involved in a series of scandals.

The bank’s governor in the 1980s, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, was indicted over his involvement with the collapse of Italy’s largest private bank, Banco Ambrosiano, which was owned in part by the Vatican Bank.

In the aftermath of the scandal, the chairman of the bank, Roberto Calvi, was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982. Calvi was known as God’s Banker because of his close ties to the Vatican. The death was initially ruled a suicide but later prosecuted as a murder.

The activities of the infamous P2 Masonic lodge were brought out of the shadows by the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano. Some investigative journalists suspected that some of the plundered funds went to P2 or to its members.

Propaganda Due, or P2, was a Masonic lodge operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Italy from 1945 to 1976. P2 was sometimes referred to as a “state within a state” or a “shadow government.”

And still the greatest banking fraud of all — usury — goes on.

Unchecked, and unchallenged.

With the heretical support of the Roman Catholic Church, and indeed, pretty much all of modern-day Churchianity.

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  1. bushbunny July 2, 2013 at 6:45 pm #

    Sounds like something out of Dan Brown’s De Vinci Code. What about Goldman Sachs, that Malcolm Turnbull was a director of, and one of the biggest carbon traders around.

  2. Phil July 3, 2013 at 11:40 am #

    Hi BI

    A couple of years ago i was reading and listening to this guy Damon Vrabel.
    Then i forgot his name and couldn’t find him. Anyhow came across him yesterday.

    Found this to be right in your bowling lane.

    Cheers Phil

    • The Blissful Ignoramus July 3, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

      Thanks for the tip Phil; always interested in other folks views on usury. Will have a read tomorrow.

  3. Kevin Moore July 3, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    That wealth can produce wealth is the assumption of Shylock — excerpt from Shakespeares “Merchant of Venice”.

    “Shylock ———- “When Jacob grazed his Uncle Laban’s sheep—-
    This Jacob from our holy Abraham was
    The third possessor; ay, he was the third.”

    Antonio————-“And what of him? Did he take interest?”

    Shylock————-“No, not take interest; not as you would say,
    Directly interest. Mark what Jacob did.”

    Antonio————–“This was a venture, sir, that Jacob served for;
    A thing not in his power to bring to pass ——
    But swayed and fashioned by the hand of Heaven.
    Was this inserted to make interest good?
    Or is your gold and silver, ewes and rams?”

    Shylock————-“I can not tell; I make them breed as fast.”

    The Fulfillment of Prophecies 1923 —

    [6] “……….Jews have preached “democracy”, and through getting their dupes to believe in it, have succeeded in riveting on their necks the chain of Shylocracy, the rule of the CROWNED USURER, Shylock-Rothschild, who was admitted to Englands’ parliament by “Liberal” statesmen, and now rules the world. Jew Banks appear to be many, but in reality they are ONLY ONE. Reduced to impotence the Nations bow before the Law—–not of Moses even, but of the Jews Bank——“always united and always devoted to our [Jewish] cause.”

  4. Kevin Moore July 4, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    Banks Thriving on Taxpayer Money
    “……JPMorgan Chase was using bailout money from the government to purchase other banks and companies. As one executive at the bankcommented in regards to a $25 billion bailout from the government, “I think there are going to be some great opportunities for us to grow in this environment.” The banks repaid the bailout loans from other bailout funds they got from government, siphoning off taxpayer moneyback and forth and rewarding them for their risky behavior. One university study noted that banks with political access – whether through lobbying efforts or board membership on the Fed – were more likely to get bailout funds, and in bigger numbers, than other banks. Notably among the most politically connected banks were Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.
    According to a 2012 study by the International Monetary Fund and Bloomberg magazine, JPMorgan Chase continues to receive government support far beyond the bailouts, as it is a major recipient of corporate welfare and state subsidies. In fact, according to the study, the biggest bank in the world gets roughly $14 billion per year in state subsidies and welfare, largely helping “the bank pay big salaries and bonuses.”

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