What. A. Total. Wanker.

7 Jul

tumblr_lpax8yxyFy1qip14mo1_500The Ego has landed:

Mr Rudd said today he was happy to be returning to Indonesia, where he’d been on at least 10 previous occasions both as “a somebody” and “a nobody”.

I’m back to being a somebody,” he said.

Oh, right.

I get it.

Unless you’re the PM, you’re “a nobody”.

Thanks for letting us all know, Kev.

*cough* WANKER! *cough*

I wonder why your PMO staff neglected to include that bit in the official transcript of your speech:

FRI 05 JULY 2013
Prime Minister
Jakarta, Indonesia

In 2007 – less than a month after I became Prime Minister – Indonesia was the destination of my first overseas visit.

Today, in 2013, I am pleased to return here once again in my capacity as Prime Minister and to meet again with my counterpart, and good friend, President Yudhoyono.

In these five-and-a-half years, I have been to Indonesia ten times.

This is a beautiful country.

Thérèse and I love this country and its people.

And it is good to be back again.


Yes, he really did say it (ABC Lateline video here):


TOM IGGULDEN, REPORTER: There was a touch of triumphalism about Kevin Rudd’s trip to Indonesia.

KEVIN RUDD, PRIME MINISTER: I’ve been back here 10 or 11 times, in one capacity or another. As a somebody and as a nobody, and back to being a somebody.

2 Responses to “What. A. Total. Wanker.”

  1. mick July 7, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

    How can you tell a politician is lying? Answer: their lips are moving.

    I had the mishap of watching a Rudd add tonight what Kev began with the line “people are sick and tired of the negativity in politics”. Wrong. People are sick and tired of being lied to and with politicians who get themselves elected and then have amnesia about their pre election promises.

    Having watched the (so called) refugees debate for a number of years I find it interesting that the boasts are Indonesian registered with Indonesian crew and sailing out of Indonesia. Clearly we need to send the boats back where they came from, not pander to those amongst us who have a misplaced sense of equity (I also sympathise). If I were PM I’d be suspending our overgenerous Aid program as well as extra money made available to Indonesia to help control people smugglers. It is as clear as mud that Australians are mugs and that our representatives are more interested in looking good than solving the problem. This is an industry which exists because Indonesia is playing both sides of the game. It can be fixed but only by strong politicians.

  2. gusgrunt July 8, 2013 at 8:10 am #

    Agree!….. instead of me ranting i’ll just post a section from Pickering Post….,

    “Involving other countries in Australia’s domestic politics is a very dangerous ploy, but this is Kevin Rudd and Kevin is preoccupied with Kevin, not the interests of Australia.
    Rudd (the Asian expert) should understand that the overarching political concern of Asians is the potential loss of face. To lose face is the epitome of cowardice and loss of respect. 
    Kevin Rudd has just given Australia that reputation and he has given it to those who know exactly what it means.
    That is the measure of this man. He has confirmed Indonesia’s claim that Australia is an international coward and will accept being told it should be unwilling to defend its borders… all for a cheap point-score in domestic electioneering.
    But SBY is also in election mode and although the average Indonesian voter couldn’t give a damn about our boat invasion, that voter will be in awe of a strongman President who can so easily dictate another foreign power’s defence policy.
    Let’s get this straight (and I’m no hawk) but these are Indonesian boats, under Indonesian flags, with Indonesian captains that continue to leave from Indonesian ports with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who have flown into Indonesian airports and Rudd asks Indonesia’s President to, “Please confirm you don’t want us to turn these boats back!” Crumbs!
    At the same time we gift billions to this corrupt Islamic nation that has wealth beyond ours, the world’s fastest growth of billionaires and a military and bureaucracy that amass huge profits by virtue of breaching our borders. WTF am I missing here?

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